atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#874: That is called a "tax".

Hillary's program mandates people buying coverage. If you don't buy insurance, the government will make you buy insurance, to the point of garnishing your paycheck for the premiums.

In other words, she wants to levy a tax to pay for socialized medicine.

But wait, you say--it's not a "tax"! That only happens if you don't buy insurance!

The government will decide for you how you will spend some of your money, and if you don't spend it right, they will take it from you by force and spend it for you. I fail to see the difference between that and what we commonly refer to as taxes. In fact, it's fascist: it's a system wherein government forces you to buy health insurance, as it's "regulated" and "state-integrated". (Wikipedia) It's going to limit supply; any time you emplace price controls on a commodity there is rationing, and believe me, "Hillarycare" is going to emplace all kinds of regulations.

It will cost more, it will do less, and it'll give our government too much control over our lives. Including our paychecks.

Right now, fully twenty-one percent of our annual GDP is absorbed by the government in taxes. "Hillarycare" aims to take over another fourteen percent, for a grand total of 35%--and how much more will satisfy the Left? What else will have to be socialized after they get health care? Housing? Transportation? Energy supply? Telecommunications? Where does it end?

Because if medical care is a "right", what about housing? Isn't housing a "right", too? And if housing is a "right", then transportation must be; and if you have a "right" to a house don't you have a "right" to transportation and energy and communications?

The problem with socialized medicine is that it has never worked. The problem is not with the variations on the theme; the problem is with economics: demand for a free commodity is essentially infinite.

In a socialized medical system, where the users of the service do not spend any of their own money (or spend only token amounts) the costs are hidden from the users, making it appear "free"; and in fact if you engage people from countries with socialized medicine in debate, many will will defend their system as "free" even if they know that they pay higher taxes because of it.

And because medical care is "free", people will go to the doctor for the slightest of maladies; this overloads the system. And then you have rationing.

...and still we will be forced to buy "insurance", regardless of what we want; the "premiums" will be higher every year and if you make more than the average you'll pay through the nose to make sure the "less fortunate" don't have to pay their own way.

The system will collapse. Shell games and pyramid schemes always do. But that won't happen until long after Hillary is out of office (and probably dead and buried to boot) so it's win-win for her.

Unfortunately, it's lose-lose for everyone else.

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