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#879: Not quite what I expected.

My Pretty Cure webcomic project is turning into a semi-serious retelling of the story as if it were being roleplayed. That is, I'm not doing the "panel-panel-panel-punchline" kind of format. The humor comes from how the players interact with the situation and each other, and from the way the character images relate to what the players are saying.

...such as the second panel of the first page, where Nagisa's got that "OMGWTF" look on her face and the guy playing her is saying "My character is a CHICK!"

I have to say I am enjoying the hell out of this. I'm having a blast with it, and when I read the resulting comic I do so with a smile. Maybe no one else will like it, but whatev.

In fact, I just banged out another five pages of this stuff. But I won't post any of them at least until tomorrow; this way I can space things out a bit.

* * *

I went to vote in the primary today, of course. I checked "Mitt Romney" after wistfully seeing the box for Fred Thompson. Dang it.

Fred's not in the race and I fail to see how he can have any effect on the platform at the national convention, so I went ahead with Mitt.

I also checked "yes" for the referendum regarding the construction of an intermodal facility--a place where they'll put semi trailers and shipping containers on trains, and take them off again--because Crete needs economic development, damn it.

Driving away from the polling place (the local public library) I saw a sign that implored people to vote "no" on the intermodal; I said, "I voted yes!" and then did this evil laugh; and that sounded so funny I laughed for real.

The library lobby usually has some kind of display of this or that interesting thing. This time it was Masonic doodads, which was kind of interesting. Of course I was then reminded of the Monty Python sketch about Masons.

...go to about 6:00 in that clip and watch from there, and you'll see the part I thought of...and had to stifle a belly laugh, which hurt. It's got a bit of nudity in it, so it's probably not safe for work.

* * *

More snow tonight. *sigh*

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