atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#885: I am the kiss of death!!

Fred Thompson, out.

Mitt Romney, out.

WTF. The day after I voted for the asshole he "suspends" his candidacy. WTF is that about?

Should I start supporting McCain now? Or would that end up handing the White House to the Demokrats? I don't want that!

...on the other hand, Ann Coulter suggests that a Hillary Clinton Presidency would be an unmitigated disaster for Democrats--kind of like "Jimmy Carter Redux" only with more testosterone, I suppose--leading to a Republican White House in 2012 and probably a GOP congress in 2010.

But just now when I said "President Hillary Clinton" to my cat, I think she started sweating.

Still, I guess I might as well have voted for Thompson, after all. *sigh*

* * *

Other news: the law of supply and demand still works. We're at a 14-year high for gasoline supplies because the increased cost of fuel has people conserving.

What a surprise!

...that is, if you're a doofus who can't understand the most basic rule of economics even after repeated explanations of how they work.

The article basically says that people woudn't be conserving if they weren't worried about a recession, but I think that's horseshit. The price of gas has risen 100% (and more) in the past six years, and people are buying more fuel-efficient cars because they don't want to spend $60 per week on gasoline. It's just taken this long for our overstrained petroleum industry to catch up, is all.

And so the end result is an expected drop in gasoline prices of around $0.50 per gallon, meaning that gas should run around $2.50 per gallon in March or April. It'll then increase again due to the shortage of the oxygenator that replaced MTBE, but there's not much we can do about that. Oh well. Expect gas to be $3 per gallon pretty much until October, folks.

* * *

I watched the first episode of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and found it worthwhile. I'm looking forward to seeing more of it, but since I try only to watch about one episode of anything per day, it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Oh well.

* * *

To do page 11 of Pretty Cure, the Generic D20 Campaign I had to capture 13 images. There's no way I could do the transformation sequence simply. Argh. Now I'm all tired.

At least I've got page 11 done. Now I can maybe start page 12 later on this evening, so that I can post 'em tomorrow....

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