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#887: Friday.

The next couple pages of Pretty Cure will take a while. I expect to composite some 16 images together to make page 13 because there is just no other way to show the action.

The biggest problem is that I am a complete n00b at doing a screencap webcomic. All I can do is keep working at it, because experience is the best teacher.

The lesser problem is the tools I have to use. I'm using MS Paint to do the image manipulation and to add the dialogue. It works; it probably does not work as well as some other app would. Also, I know how to run it. I don't know how to run the myriad of other image editing programs out there.

I don't want this to turn into work; I'm doing it for fun.

* * *

Texas girl stands up for English. Good for her.

If I go to a foreign country, I don't expect the locals to speak English. If I were going to live in a foreign country, I would make an effort to learn at least some of the local language before I went. Why the hell does America have to accommodate illegal immigrants, who aren't even supposed to be here?

I wish we could get over this PC crap and make English our official language. I'm tired of government wasting money on multilingual everything. I'm tired of seeing spanish text on every damn product in the stores.

No one gets mad at the French for mandating French-only everywhere in France, for crying out loud.

* * *

One of the "Jena Six" arrested for another violent crime. This time he attacked someone who he thought did something to his car's tires.

You know what? I think this kid shouldn't be on the streets. He's facing a charge of aggravated assault for the Jena case; that one's still pending and here he goes and beats up someone else.

To make matters even more pathetic, this moron didn't even have the guts to face the guy:
According to a police report, the student felt Purvis come behind him and "grab his neck with one hand and begin to choke him." Purvis then said, "Don't you ever mess with my car again" and slammed the student's head into the bench of a table and walked away, the report said.
He came up behind the guy, attacked him without warning, and walked away. Yeah, you're a real badass, attacking a guy without giving him a chance to get ready or defend himself. You're a real man, aren't you?

What a punk.

* * *

Cubans wonder where the "workers' paradise" is.

A few months ago Fred was talking about Cuba, and although Fred is fairly intelligent and well-rounded he presents the exact same picture of Cuba that we always get from reporters and media personalities: "The US embargo is the problem! It's not Communism!"

Sadly, it is Communism that's the problem. Such articles don't mention how Communism came into being in Cuba. It did not happen peacefully. Such articles also don't mention how the criminal "justice" system works there. They tend to ignore or gloss over all the unpleasant historical facts that Communism is always brutal.

Quoth the article:
When asked why there are restrictions on Cubans traveling abroad, [Ricardo Alarcon, the president of Cuba's National Assembly] said: "I wish all the Cubans could go out and get to know the world outside."

"I think it would be the end of the ideological battle in this country. When the people see how things really are, what's real, how other people live," he said.

Asked why Cubans aren't allowed to enter the island's tourist hotels freely, Alarcon told students about his times in New York, as Cuba's ambassador to the United Nations.

"How many times did they kick us out of a store?" he asked. "Because by the Latino accent and the color of our hair they realized we weren't Anglo-Saxons and shouldn't be in the store?"

I don't think he actually visited the US. Or else I guess he's just making that shit up.

But he's twisting the truth in the middle of that: "I wish all the Cubans could go out and get to know the world outside. I think it would be the end of the ideological battle in this country. When the people see how things really are, what's real, how other people live."

It sure as hell would. Once the Cuban public saw how poor they are compared to the rest of the damn world, they'd riot.

* * *

"The religion of peace" shows its true colors again: a woman in Saudi Arabia got arrested for going into a coffehouse.

Oh. Wait, I'm missing a fact, there. I must be fair and mention that she was sitting with a man she wasn't married or related to.

OMG! WTF! BBQ! How dare she? That...that harlot!

...okay, I can't keep that up. I think I've made my point.

The woman "...was bruised and crying when she was freed from a day in prison after she was strip-searched, threatened and forced to sign false confessions by the Kingdom's 'Mutaween' police."

Earth to Islam: join the freaking 21st century already, for crying out loud! And if you can't manage that, at least joing the freaking twentieth century!

* * *

Berkeley doesn't like he armed forces, but it sure likes Federal money. Can we just saw Berkeley, California, off the country and sink it in the Pacific Ocean? Please?

* * *

That's all I got. See ya.

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