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#888: Saturday. No PC webcomic yet.

Sorry. But I do have some links and stuff.

Everyone's mad at MSNBC anchor David Schuster for his comments about the Clinton campaign "pimping out" Chelsea.

Schuster's mistake was not saying this about Bush's daughters stumping for him, or for some current Republican candidate. If he had only said this about a Republican, NOW and their cronies wouldn't give a rat's ass.

Also, the Republican would be expected to have a thick skin and accept the comment. But since it's a Demokrat--and since it's Hillary! Rodham! Clinton!--Schuster is lucky they don't get out the kindling and matches and rope for his sorry ass.

Well, let me be the first to say that I think Mrs. Clinton has a thin skin and needs to learn how to roll with the blows. This is a battle for the most powerful executive position in the world, and if you can't handle having a few bad things said about you and your family, you don't belong in that chair.

(What? Isn't that the same kind of thing said by people on the left who repeatedly insulted Bush and his daughters? Life is a two-way street, isn't it?)

Pardon my French, but how the fucking hell does shit like this happen? At age 8, "gender differences" shouldn't even occur to you. For Christ's sake.

"...confirmed 'mental health professionals' would be provided for other students, staff or parents if there are 'any concerns at all.'" Yeah. Here's how that goes:

Concered parent: That kid shouldn't be allowed to dress like a girl.
"Mental health professional": You're the one with the problem, you homophobic bigot.
CP: He's eight, for crying out loud.
MHP: And how old are you?
CP: What has that got to do with anything?
MHP: That's my answer, too. You can never be too young to realize you're transgendered.
CP: ...
MHP: I suggest you work on your own issues before you start criticizing others.
CP: ...
MHP: And learn to be more open and accepting of alternate lifestyles, Hitler.

There's a reason why you can insert a single space in the word "therapist" and get "the rapist"....

Radio personality throws on-air temper tantrum because his power failed during the Super Bowl. Okay, I can understand his frustration, but if it's that damned important to him maybe he should have gone and bought a generator.

When I want to see a show, and can't becuase of power issues, it's irritating--but having the perspective of a reasonably mature adult I realize that it's just a freaking TV show.

On the other hand, I also think that it's probable that the guy's remarks are being taken out of context and blown out of proportion, too. He made "derogatory" comments about a black man--this alone is now considered "racism" by many in the soi disant "civil rights" community.

Oh well. It really isn't my problem.

* * *

As I said in a prior entry, page 13 of Pretty Cure, the Generic D20 Campaign has stalled due to health and energy issues. It's going to take a lot of work to generate the next couple of pages, and I'm still getting over a cold. In fact, after sleeping for about 12 hours and being up for 3, I just want to go back to bed again.

I feel like doo-doo.

What the hell. People whose entire Internet raison d'etre is webcomics don't post regularly, so why the hell do I have to? This is a blog, anyway.

Maybe by Monday.

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