atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#891: No surprises here.

Japan's space agency to test solar power satellite hardware.

The article should say "NASA" where it says "JAXA", but that's not going to happen. Not with NASA doing all sorts of idiotic navel-gazing crap. Maybe the Japanese will build a solar power satellite over the Americas and sell us power for a penny under domestic power costs, thus "dumping" electricity on us and driving all our producers out of business. *sigh*

This is the real solution to "greenhouse gas emissions", right here. Hopefully we can have the Japanese build one for us, someday.

'Cause if we wait for NASA to do it, we'll wait a long freaking time.

China can't handle criticism. If you want to compete at the Olympics in Beijing, you can't say anything critical about China. At least if you're from Britain or New Zealand--but expect similar gag orders to crop up for other countries' teams as well.

Oh well. The last time I even cared about the Olympics was when they were in Nagano, Japan, and that was just because I wanted to see the locations. Olympics:=sports and I generally couldn't care less about sports.


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