atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#898: Guess I'll comment on these.

Fairbanks, Alaska hit -48°F. That's not including the wind chill; that's in still air. That's four degrees warmer than the all-time cold record of -52°F, set in 1932.

It's because of "global warming". Weather isn't climate, but you can count on someone saying that they're experiencing this record cold because equatorial temps are higher, blah blah blah--some nonsense which, if analyzed, will reveal that the speaker doesn't know WTF he's talking about and is just regurgitating whatever pseuso-scientific nonsense he heard on the Weather Channel.

Meanwhile, northern Minnesota hit -40°F, which is a record.

Oh wait. "Global warming" again. Yeah, global warming makes the winters worse. Somehow. I'm not sure how a higher average temperature leads to winters being colder and harsher. Maybe it has to do with convection or something.

* * *

No sarcasm here: I understand Dolly Parton's plight.

Look at those things. In Japan, her bra size would be 112H. I mean, that's freaking huge!

If you have any eye at all for structural loading you can see how much torque that would impress on her lower back.

And by now those giganto-boobs are such a trademark for her that I fail to see how she can have them surgically reduced.

Look, the lady is 62 years old. She's been carrying around 44DD breasts for how long? When I was in grade school some kids made jokes about her breasts, including something about a girl finding a genie and wishing for bigger breasts, the genie telling her that every time someone spoke her name they'd grow an inch, and then some guy bumping into her and saying, "a thousand pardons". That was like 1975; she was around 29 then. So she's had 'em for more than 33 years.

You try having that much mass on your chest for 33 years and see how well your back does. I tell you, every time I see that woman I don't understand how she can remain on her feet....

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