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#899: -0.75°C.

Saw this on Junk Science:
Eek! Ice age! GISTEMP records -0.75 °C year on year! - Well, not really anything about a looming ice age but it is interesting to see the ‘House of Hansen’ record such a dramatic temperature decline year on year. What do you suppose are the chances of MSM headlines along the lines: "Planet gives up bulk of last century’s warming in just one year" or "Planet’s temperature plunges as fever turns to chill"?

Us neither. Anyway, here’s the story:

NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies GISTEMP+dSST series chases the satellite temperatures down.
Unfortunately, the permalink to the article just 404's, so I can't point you right at it.

This link shows a graph of the temperature data over the past 10 years. The red line drops precipitously in the last dozen or so pixels of the graph, indicating temperatures over the past year. It looks like quite a drop.

Going here will give you an idea of what the various measures of "global warming" actually are. (I notice that none of them are the same.) The one we're most interested in, in this case, is the GISTEMP figure. It reads "+0.12°C". If the graph is to be believed, this figure was +0.87°C one year ago.

Whoa. According to NASA, Earth is 0.75°C cooler than it was last year.

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