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But still no new PreCure pages. Thursday vanished in a fog of sleep and Smallville. (I seem to recall watching some anime in there, too, but I might have dreamed that part.)

Boortz again:
By the way ... in the interest of accuracy ... what we're really talking about here is fascist health care, not socialist. Under socialism the health care facilities would be owned by the government and all health care workers would be government employees. Under fascism the facilities remain in private hands and the employees remain in the private sector ... the government just controls their every move.
Hillary wants the US to have a fascist health care system. Excellent.

Patrick Buchanan on the Jena 6: "While some $500,000 has been raised for the Jena Six defense, its whereabouts is unknown. Bailey did pose on the Internet grinning, however, with $100 bills in his mouth. Bell's mom is said to be driving a new Jaguar, and Bailey's mom a new Beamer."


Florida teacher fired for having a gun. He had the gun in his vehicle, which was parked on school property. The teacher was not found to be in violation of any laws. So I guess it means he was fired for having a gun. The school board said it would "set a bad example for the students" if he received a 90-day suspension.

Reality: knowing what teachers are usually like, politically, the school board's reaction probably approximated this: "ZOMG he's going to shoot someone!" *sigh*

The speech that shocked two nations! Mexico's president wants the border kept open! "Our nations will never find prosperity by closing their doors," sez Mexican presidente Felipe Calderón.

Translation: "Mexico needs greenbacks, and you're racist if you insist on border control." Though this is a free translation, I think it more accurately conveys the meaning of his statement.

Obama wants to solve all the world's problems with US money. Including $845 billion over 13 years.

...wait, why "13"? Okay, $650 billion over 10 years. $65 billion per year. Oh, because the plan is supposed to cut global poverty "in half" by 2015.

...wait, that's only 7 years from now.

It must be "outcome based" education in action. Those of us who were raised in the old patriarchal, phallocentric, racist and sexist traditions of Western Civilization, with its hidebound reliance on facts and objective data, can't possibly understand the need for this kind of program or why 7=13.

"How is it possible that the exhilaratingly talented star from that time has dwindled to such a dullard?" Asks Peter Bradshaw, commenting on Madonna's film Filth and Wisdom.

Mr. Bradshaw, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you were 5 when Madonna made Desperately Seeking Susan. ("Exhilaratingly talented"? Is he from a parallel universe?) I will do this because it's obvious to me that you are pitifully ignorant of an important fact regarding Madonna:


The same way a broken clock can be right twice per day, Madonna has managed to produce a few efforts of modest artistic value. Most of her fame and fortune, however, is the result of marketing; a lot of her music was about sex and generated for teenagers, a combination which has worked well for many pop stars in the past, and will continue to work until the human race evolves into energy beings. (And probably even then, assuming that universal consciousness doesn't bring with it an IQ boost.)

The formula Madonna applied to her ouerve in the 1980s continues to be well-plied by many female performers, precisely because it generates so much cash flow. (What, you think record companies give a rat's ass about "art"? The only art they care about is pictures of dead Presidents. That's it.) But Madonna wasn't the first; she was just the first to be obvious about it. And because of her commercial success, every white female recording star after her sounds exactly like her.

And Madonna's singing ability is her only talent. She's pitifully bad at everything else: acting, directing, writing, raising children. She couldn't even shave her armpits when she posed nude, for crying out loud. (How talentless do you have to be to screw up posing nude?)

...I guess I've exhausted my store of disdain for another day.

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