atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#907: [many bad words]

Does the backup program put the files back on the F: drive?

NOOOOO!!! Why would it do that? Of course it put them all on the freaking desktop.

Is there any indication that the thing intends to do that?

NOOOOO!!! Why would there be?

Does it ask me where I want the files put?

NOOOOO!!! Why should it?

End result: after waiting for freaking two hours for the restore, the thing coughs up a bucket of dicks and leaves about 900 MB on my C: drive, and doesn't bother to tell me where it put the files, so I have to go looking the damn things.

So I get to re-start the freaking restore again, and hope that this time I can tell the freaking thing where to put the files.

Steven Den Beste is not alone in his disaster recovery travails.

* * *


...and as I post this it's up to "1 day and 13 hours". It didn't take that long to funnel all those bits through a USB 2.0 pipeline, so I really hope that the estimating function is broken. I'm moving files from one SATA drive to another, for crying out loud.

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