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#910: Nuts and other hardware.

This Fiero forum post is a NASA person expressing his incredulousness that a cotter pin is used to secure the front wheels of a Fiero. "How is it that wheels are not falling off all the time from such a crappy design?" he asks, aghast.

Later, he says, "That design never would have been approved by NASA. We require two fault tolerance to a catastrophic failure. A nut with no pre-load, no safety wire, just a cotter pin. That cotter pin breaks and it's bye bye wheel."

A few points:

1) The bearing design used on the Fiero is a mature technology. Literal millions of cars have been built using this design for front wheel bearings, and its failure rate is statistically insignificant. It's inexpensive, it withstands amazing amounts of abuse, it's easily serviced, and the operating parameters are so well-understood that automakers are still using this technology.

2) If a car suffers a bearing failure, it inconveniences the driver. It might cost him a couple hundred dollars to rectify the problem. If a satellite or manned rocket suffers some kind of failure, it costs billions to rectify and may kill someone.

I'm just as happy that NASA isn't in the business of approving automobile designs. If it were, every trip to the supermarket would cost $500,000 and the car would need a complete overhaul afterwards.

* * *

I just could not resist adding that little wisecrack to my post in that thread....

* * *

Everyone's saying it's about time to stick a fork in HD-DVD.

* * *

Steven reports that Bandai is trying something unusual: they're going to release anime in the US at about the same time they release it in Japan. But there is a little catch.

The US release will cost as much as the Japanese release does.

"Which is," Steven goes on to say, "3-5 times what we're used to paying here."

It's not going to work. It might prevent fansubbers from doing their thing, but I fail to see how the sales can even recoup the costs of paying someone to translate and subtitle the stuff. Even if it's done in-house.

I could be wrong about this, but I don't think I am. Even if all the disks are the same the packaging will have to be different because most of us in DVD Region 1 don't read Japanese. (I can read hiragana and a handful of kanji, though. I'm pretty sure this puts me ahead of about 90% of anime fans.)

As of today, I have been an anime fan for 13 years and 8 months. In that time, I have seen perhaps two series that were worth paying Japanese prices for; and a handful of movies. The rest of it was worth about what I paid for it; if I'd had to pay Japan prices for anime, I wouldn't be where I am now, let me tell you. My response to anime would have been, "This stuff is entertaining and all, but God damn it it's too freaking expensive!"

* * *


Dr. Roderick Galloway says, "Can not satisfy your girl enlarge your girlfriend". I'm afraid I don't understand this. How does making my girlfriend bigger help me satisfy her? "Your problem is that your girlfriend is just too skinny. Put her on 'Beefcake 2000' and then you'll be able to satisfy her"?

I don't ask for much. It would help if these jerkoffs could at least try to make their statements approximate coherency.

Doctor Dale Elkins says, "Girls will drive crazy with you if you lengthen your jang". This is stupid. The last thing we need is more girls driving crazy. It's bad enough when they drive, put on makeup, and talk on their cellphones at the same time.

And I have to ask, how would they even know my "jang" had been lengthened, anyway? Do women have a secret "jang sense" which tells them when a guy's "jang" is long enough? Does excess "jang" length overdrive this sense, driving them insane? Could they sue me for this?

Jon Shaw tells me, "Try Our Trial Pak - You Will Return For More". He is as much as telling me that whatever he's selling is highly addictive. And like a true pusher, he's even offering me the first dose as a low/no price "trial". This is not the way to sell me on a product, Jon.

But he's saying "Pak", not "pack". Does this guy read Niven? Is he offering me Tree of Life? Could I handle being a Protector? The super-genius part would be extra cool, but I doubt I could handle the other physiological changes I'd have to undergo.

The liklihood of a spammer being hard-SF-literate is probably vanishingly low, though. It's more likely that he's trying to sell me drugs--drugs that at best would do nothing, and at worst would either result in a crippling addiction or death. (Or both.)

I hate these guys. I really need to invent a machine which lets you stab spammers in the face via the internet. It'd be a plug-in module for most popular e-mail clients. Next to the "reply" button on the toolbar there'd be a "STAB THIS MOTHERFUCKER IN THE FACE" button, and when you clicked it, the guy's monitor would emit this glowing energy blade that would stab him in the face. It wouldn't do any lasting damage, but it would HURT A LOT, and after a while spammers would get the message and stop spamming people.

I would sell this machine for $1,000,000 per copy.

* * *

Funny line from Magical Girl Pretty Sammy OVA 1:

Sasami is imagining her life as Pretty Sammy, how she would go beat up criminals:

Sammy: This is going to hurt you a lot! [punch]
Criminal 1: Ow! That really hurt!
Sammy: And this is going to stimulate you! [kick]
Criminal 2: Hey! That felt kinda good!

Needless to say, that is not how Pretty Sammy's evil-bustin' powers work.

I digitized this line from another MGPS OVA, just because it was kyoot-overload:

"With a gentle touch at the keyboard, just click on Pretty Sammy, and you can download me into your heart!"

* * *

Speaking of magical girls, I still have no PC pages to post. Monday will be the second week since I started it, and it will have been 5 days since I last posted any pages. Well, it's not supposed to be a job, so F it.

* * *

They're predicting thunderstorms for Sunday. Whee.

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