atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#911: Nuts and other loonies

I should stop that.

Violence Prevention Center says stupid things. Anti-gun people always issue this kind of statement following any sort of massacre. I guess the theory goes that the guns loaded themselves, drove round to the site of the massacre, and fired themselves at innocent people, and the guy who's been blamed with the crime was just under some kind of underhanded alien mind-meld or something.

That must be it: a gun warps your mind. If you own a gun, sooner or later you think, "Hey, I wonder what it would be like to shoot this at someone?" This is proven by the fact that so many gun owners have shot people.

Oh, wait! Wait a moment! There's a flaw in that argument, isn't there? If that were true, insane places like Florida and Texas which are "shall issue" concealed carry permit states would have skyrocketing murder rates...and, hmm, it seems that the opposite is true.

The more people are allowed to own guns, the lower crime rates go. Take a look at cities where gun control is allowed to exist, and compare their murder rates to cities where citizens can own firearms if they want to.

The correlation is so strong that if it applied to global warming, we'd all be on bicycles right now, pumping like mad so we could surf the internet: more guns equals less crime.

VPC wants all sorts of draconian limits on citizen firearm ownership. Apparently a magazine that can hold more than ten rounds is now a "high-capacity" magazine. I can remember when a thirty-round magazine was considered "high capacity". Now it's ten. If they ever manage to get 11-round mags outlawed, then six-round mags will be "high-capacity", and eventually they'll have us down to muzzle-loaders.

What I really like is the last line in this press release: "Establish a system whereby university officials are notified when a student purchases a gun from a gun dealer."

I don't think this goes far enough, though. We should warn university officials whenever any student:
  • subscribes to any publication which advertises guns (including Popular Mechanics)
  • joins the NRA
  • expresses enthusiasm for movies which feature gun violence
  • shows signs of enjoying things like hunting and fishing
Only by taking these important steps can we stop the cycle of violence...or some such crap.

These pusillanimous dorks get exactly one thing right, though not the way they intended, when they say, "Mass shootings are not a force of nature unstoppable by man. They are the predictable result of our nation’s weak gun policies, and much can be done to prevent them."

If we let people carry guns, this kind of thing won't happen as often, and when it does, it'll be stopped quicker with fewer fatalities. This policy has worked every time it has been tried.


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