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#915: The Tuesday.

It's the coldest winter in decades. No kidding. The ice caps are recovering, people are freezing all over the planet, GISS reports a 0.75°C drop in the temperature anomaly, the sunspot cycle started six months late, and I had to wear a long-sleeved shirt to work last night. It's freaking cold, damn it.

Telluride, Colorado can't handle the snow it's gotten. It's gotten so much, they've run out of places to put the stuff they plow from parking lots. So much for "global warming". (BTW this link crashed Netscape when I tried to view it. You've been warned.)

This is why you can't depend on government to save your butt from anything.

Stupid liberal asshattery again. If Obama were President right now, the shooting at NIU wouldn't have happened? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the definitive school shooting--Columbine--happened when a Democrat was in the White House.

This piece is full of the kind of mindless tripe that passes for cogitation among liberals, particularly anti-gun liberals. Jesus Christ. No one knows what made the guy go nuts and start shooting people; it's kind of early to say it's because he didn't have "hope". And in any event, just having Obama in office won't give someone any more "hope" than he would have under any other President; it's not like someone planning a mass murder is going to get so far into his plan and then say, "Oh, wait! I can't do this! I forgot, Obama is President! That fact alone gives me hope for the future!"

Give me a freaking break.

Stacy posts about why Africans like George W. Bush. There's nothing I care to add to what she's posted.

* * *

Although last night was not a particularly hard night, it was still work, and I'm tired. So I'm hitting the hay! Good night. (Err, morning.)

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