atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#919: This is what happens when I don't wait for Boortz.

He hits me with a bunch of stuff I have to comment on. If I do wait, though, his Today's Nuze page is a snuze.

Day laborers having trouble finding employment. The article is about criminal aliens having a hard time because the easy day jobs are drying up.

As an interesting aside, I notice that the article is uncritical at the notion of "bad economic times" trickling down. It's probably written by someone who was critical of "Reaganomics", the supply-side economics which vaporized Jimmy Carter's "malaise".

Exxon's "record profits". Neal usually brings out this discussion whenever some moron starts harping on the "record profits" being earned by oil companies. It's a worthy point to remember, though, that if you make a 10% profit on anything, if the price goes up, your profits do as well. It doesn't mean you're gouging people.

STUPID STUPID STUPID and I'm going to make sure every damn light I've got is on for two hours that night.

"Any religion that doesn't love dogs is suspect." Dogs and humans share a special bond, one made possible by a kind of mutual (mis)understanding. Dogs treat humans as strangely-shaped alpha males; humans treat dogs as mute and furry children. The end result is that both human and dog get something out of the deal--generally the dog gets a steady diet; and humans used to use dogs to aid in hunting and home defense. Now we keep them as companions.

Our affinity for dogs is much the same as our affinity for horses, in fact. Until the 20th century, humans relied on domesticated animals to improve their quality of life, and in many ways we still do. We domesticated the animals for that reason.

I always have to wonder about people who don't like dogs. Cats, ehh--I love 'em but I can see why not everyone likes cats. But how can you not like dogs? Nearly all the pet dogs I've ever met have been cheerful, uncritical, companionable animals. Give a dog a cookie and scratch him behind the ears and you've got a friend for life; people would do well to look at the dog's philosophy of life and emulate it, at least to some degree...and the world would be a nicer place.

If they don't like dogs there is something wrong with them.

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