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"American Idiot"

The thing that really frosts me about Green Day's latest hit is that they're from Great Britain.

The first line in the song is "Don't wanna be an American idiot"--well guess what, cocksmoke? You're British, so sit down and shut the fuck up already.

If they don't like America, why even come here? Why tour here? Why release records here? I mean, if America is so stupid and backwards and asinine, why do they want to have anything at all to do with Americans?

Oh, wait--America has the biggest economy in the world.

I notice these little piss-heads don't mind American money. They saw fit to release their insulting tripe here in the US, and "American Idiot" has made them plenty of money--because there are enough idiots in any country to finance jackbooted morons like these. Dumbasses who think our sitting president stole the elections and is trying to turn our country into Nazi Germany will rush out and buy anything which reinforces their negative opinions of the United States.

Hey, you limey buttplugs: do you know who else hate Americans but love American money?

The French!

The biggest irony of the song is that the main thrust of the lyrics is a rejection of the direction set by the American media: "One nation controlled by the media/Information nation of hysteria". I'm trying to understand what media these punks are worried about. The nation's "newspaper of record", the New York Times, is unabashedly liberal. One news network (the most successful) is identified as "conservative", leaving some three or four others which are definitely not conservative. The "Big Three" (CBS, NBC, ABC) are also definitely not conservative.

The song rails against "the new media"--aha, I see! The members of Green Day are upset because of talk radio!

So you see, the entire song comes down to one basic thing: it is a temper tantrum. Some liberals are unhappy because now people who don't want to be subjected to a liberal "subliminal mindf*ck" no longer have to be. People have a choice of news outlets now; if CNN is too liberal, they can watch Fox. If Fox is too conservative, they can watch CNN.

Liberals like to say they are all about liberty and choice and freedom, but in reality it's really not that way. They're all about liberty and choice and freedom...provided you choose what they want you to choose. It's impossible that George Bush actually won Florida in 2000, you know; he stole the election because of course Florida was voting for Gore. (Even though none of the recounts ever showed Gore winning Florida--and if Gore had just won in his home-goddamned-state Florida wouldn't have mattered.)

Liberals get angry when people choose the things they like, rather than the things liberals like. They whine about the election in Ohio in 2004 because it's simply impossible that people in the US actually wanted George W. Bush to be President for four more years. Something illegal must have happened. Karl Rove did something in Ohio!

Liberals throw a temper tantrum when confronted with ideas which don't agree with theirs. Look at how many conservatives have pies thrown at them. Do conservatives throw pies at liberals? Do conservatives throw green paint on eco-nazis? Do conservatives flood the audience at liberal seminars and try to shout down speakers? Was I the only person who noticed that delegates to the Democrat National Convention had few worries, but delegates to the Republican National Convention had to have escorts when outside their convention center?

Every time we have a Presidential election in this country, some retardo-commie celebrity announces that he's going to leave the country if the Republican is elected President...and they almost never do. (Johnny Depp actually did. He lives in France. He's fluent in French. Why doesn't he stay there and make movies there, and never return to Hollywood? OH, that's right! He won't make any money if he stars in French movies!) Barbara Streisand, for example, once made such an announcement. It's a shame she didn't make good on it, but expecting a liberal to make good on a promise which would inconvenience him is like expecting ice cream to stay frozen on a hot sidewalk: it ain't gonna happen, because it would violate the laws of thermodynamics.

One evening in 1990 my girlfriend and I were preparing to go somewhere. I had just opened the door to leave, and startled a young woman who had just been reaching to knock--she was soliciting donations for Greenpeace.

I was trying to decline gracefully, so I asked a question: "Well, okay; does Greenpeace oppose nuclear power?" I knew what the answer was. She cheerfully gave me the expected answer, and so I started to explain that I was very pro nuclear power...

And she proceeded to argue with me! I mean argue, getting really pissed off in the process. She didn't accept my opinion as differing from hers, shrug, and move on to the next house, but instead spent several minutes angrily telling me why I was wrong! Telling me I was wrong, by the way, with bluster and crap rather than, oh, actual facts. (Well, I can't blame her for that last, now that I think of it. The actual facts supported my position.)

First off, great way to make sure that I never, never, N.E.V.E.R. EVER donate so much as a single cent to Greenpeace. Second, great way to convince people that they should reconsider their opinions--get angry and yell at them. Third, great way to spend your evening: asking people for money and then yelling at them when they refuse.

As for "American Idiot", the people who are buying the CDs don't understand that the song includes them. They feel sophisticated and witty because of course the song doesn't apply to them; they voted for Kerry! But all those other people, those red state people, the rednecks and hicks and Republicans--that is who the song is about, after all!

Except, it's not. Nowhere in the lyrics does it differentiate between Bush and Kerry supporters. It just says "American". That means all of us.

So the real irony is that the song "American Idiot" is a product of the media, and that it (yet again) asserts the viewpoint of the dominant culture of the media in the US.

And the idiots are the ones buying the CDs.

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