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#925: An early start on Friday's mess.

BTW, in the mid-1980s someone came out with a computer RPG called Caverns of Freitag. It so happens that "Freitag" is German for "Friday".

That was almost as entertaining as the game called Emetic Runner. You know what an emetic is? Syrup of Ipecac is an emetic: something that makes you throw up. The game had nothing to do with making someone hurl; it was an SF-themed game, as I recall, where you piloted a ship around and shot things. Did the guys writing these things even think to consult a dictionary before having the labels and boxes printed?

Europe's economic growth is slowing. Apparently it's all our fault. It has nothing to do with the EU trying to embrace the Kyoto Protocol or its member nations trying to cope with bulky and asinine regulations. To say nothing of the fact that all this is layered atop decades of European socialism.

Time for Mugabe to go! Past time for Mugabe to go. It was past time for him to go in the 1990s.

Polyurethane tires. I'm sold. Where can I get some?

Michelle Obama says life has been hard over the past few years. Oh, yes, so hard! She and her husband made a combined $430,000 in 2006, plus another $500,000 or so in book royalties.

Apologists for her say that she's talking about people in blue collar jobs, not her and her hubby.

You know what? I don't even care anymore. Democrats always try to act like they're for the downtrodden and the poor, but they're not, and nine times out of ten the ones who protest the loudest are also the freaking richest, like Ted Kennedy, Ted Turner, George Soros, John Edwards, John Kerry, Al Gore, etc, etc. If you're in Congress or the Senate or the White House, you're in the top 20% of wage earners just by virtue of the salary you get for your "service"--and that doesn't include any of the myriad of ways you can fatten your pocketbook while you're in office. And once you're out of office, you still have "connections"; depending on how prominent you are you can command princely speaking fees. Look at Al Gore, for example.

NYT takes a shot at McCain, whom it endorsed in January. That's right: "someone" said that McCain is having an affair, but the article names no names and provides no evidence. It's a smear piece; NYT has just fired the first shot at sinking the McCain candidacy, so Obama will be our next President.

There are just as many rumors, equally credible, about Hillary having a lesbian affair with one of her staffers; why hasn't the NYT posted that story on its front page?

Oh, wait, I know this one! Hillary Clinton is a Democrat, right.

The ice is back! Yeah. Here in Crete, we've had nearly four feet of snow this winter. The only reason we're not still shoveling is that we've had stretches of above-freezing weather in between snowstorms, which has melted the snow. Four feet is a lot of snow for this part of the country.

Obama is not black enough, say some. What should he do, wear a do rag, put dubs on his limo, and blast G-rap from his office? This kind of assertion is just as racist as my sample response, there, was. He's "not black enough"--WTF is that shit about? Get real! Who the hell cares what color his skin is, anyway?

According to the article, "veteran civil rights leader Ron Daniels" says, "He is excellent on issues that black people consider a priority, like heath, education, the war and the economy."

Yeah. No other race cares about health and education, the war or the economy. Just black people. Whites, for example, don't care about health and education. They don't care about the war or the economy, either. All white people care about is making sure that the non-white people stay in their place. White people just want to make sure that they're on top of the heap. But black people, now, they care about health and education and--

Shut up, you idiot. Just shut up.

The Chicago Sun-Times has utterly lost it. "We're returning to our liberal, working-class roots!"

What? The Sun-Times had left its liberal roots behind? When was this? Because as far as I can tell it's always been a liberal rag.

The paper is "returning" to "...a position that pits us squarely opposite the Chicago Tribune -- that Republican, George Bush-touting paper over on moneyed Michigan Avenue."

The Tribune? Are they reading the same paper I am? Or has the "Death Vortex" on the West Side, where 94, 90, and 290 meet, finally spawned some kind of bizarre reality warp which has transplated a hunk of another universe into ours?

Oh my God. The entire freaking world is losing its mind over Obama. Somebody check to see if he has Hitler's charisma amplifier or something. Jesus!

The peultimate line of this WSJ opinion piece is exactly what both Obama and Clinton are hoping for. Make no mistake about it.

* * *

The red lines, informing me of spelling errors, are indeed gone. This makes me happier with Firefox than I was. Which was already pretty happy.

* * *

I'm not sure, right now, how long this machine has been running. But the little applet I finally found which monitors hard drive temperatures reports that the 500 GB drive is running at 104°F. It's up from 102, where it was all day yesterday; the temperature appears fairly stable and well below the maximum specified operating temperature of 140°F, so I'm thinking that a lack of cooling probably did not contribute to the untimely demise of the prior 500 GB drive.

It's still the hottest drive in the system, though. The C: drive runs about 93°F, and the E: drive at 87°F; so I'm thinking about ways I can enhance the airflow past the F: drive.

This case has an annoying lack of device bays for hard drives. There are two bays in the hard drive mounting cage. This drive could fit where the floppy drive would normally go, except that that bay is filled with the "card reader" slot, where you can plug in SD and CF flash cards and such. And that particular device is tailor-made for this case to go right there; you can't put it anywhere else. *sigh*

What I'm thinking I'll do is get a mounting kit to put the 500 GB drive in the open 5.25" bay; and then I'll mount a little 12v fan to the mounting kit and power it from the (unused) floppy power cable. That will enhance airflow across the drive, of course, and hopefully help to keep it cooler.

Heck, I've probably got a mounting kit around here somewhere. And really I don't actually need to mount the drive itself in the 5.25" bay; just the fan, and aim it at the drive.

I'll figure something out.

Eventually I expect to replace the E: drive (currently a 160 GB SATA drive) with another 500 GB drive. But that won't be before summer, in all probability.

Jeeze. I've already had this machine for a year, almost. When did that happen??

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