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#928: Saturday night

A whole schmeer of stuff to comment on. Since I, unusual for me, am working Sunday, don't expect much out of me Sunday morning.

"I can't believe I'm losing to this...." Yeah. And I looked at every prior entry on that page and nodded sagely. I may have to add this one to my blogroll.

NYT violates its own rules to slam McCain. Of course it does. It's got to take out McCain so Hillary Obama can be President #44.

Sue Wall Street. Yeah. It's not the borrowers' fault they bought houses they couldn't afford, and it's also not the government's fault for insisting that lenders make mortgages available to lower-income families. Oh no. It's the lenders' fault. They're rich, after all.

The article quotes one Aquila Eberhardt: "I don’t think I should ever have been given this loan, but they tricked me. If I knew I was going to get into this big a mess, I would never have done it," said Eberhardt. (Emphasis mine. As usual. I can't get by without my fix of emphasizing other peoples' text, you know that.)

Okay: she didn't think she should have been given the loan but she applied for it and accepted it? "They" tricked her? "The 29-year-old single mother had not worked for three years and had trouble keeping up with credit-card payments."

...and the government was giving her $1,400 per month at the time. And these evil loan people, they forced her to come in and sign those papers and take out a loan she couldn't afford! They tricked her into doing it! She would never have borrowed that money if those evil people hadn't put an ad in the paper advertising their services!

Give me a break.

High-minded well-intended idea ends up where they usually do. The "Fairtrade" brand screws the little guy. That's what usually happens with this kind of deal.

B-2 crash, first ever. Glad I'm not the guys who were flying it. I also hope it was some kind of mechanical failure and not pilot error. Even so, those guys may as well retire and fly for FedEx or something, because a stain like that on your record won't do your military career any good. There are only about 21 B-2s in existence and they were freaking expensive--they cost as much as a fricking Space Shuttle.

And while we're on the subject, why the hell doesn't the Air Force have its own fleet of shuttles? We're stuck with this hopeless bodge in part because the AF insisted on it; but the AF doesn't contribute anything to our space program. WTF.

Good. I hate to say it, but "good". Insurer drops a client while she's undergoing chemo for cancer, and said insurer just got fined $9 million for it.

Look, insurance is a business, and I'm pro-business. But I'm also a realist: you can't have unregulated capitalism, because unregulated capitalism leads to all kinds of horrible things. Utterly unrestricted and unfettered capitalism will give you child prostitution, human organ harvesting, etc--all kinds of bad stuff. This is why I'm not a libertarian; I recognize that there are certain things for which we need government regulation.

But when someone buys an insurance policy, they are making a bet; if you buy health insurance you're betting that you'll get sick, and the insurer is betting you won't. The odds favor the insurer, since from a selected pool of people only a certain number will get sick, and the statistics are well-established. This is how they make money.

The problem in this case comes from the fact that the insurer was welshing on its bet. It had bet that this client wouldn't get sick; well, she got sick, and they had to pay up. Instead of paying up, they welshed.

(As an aside, when you buy life insurance, the insurer is not betting you won't die. They're betting you'll live longer than you think you will, and therefore pay premiums longer and leave all that money in their hands longer.)

...Hru? By not raping Palestinian women, Israeli Army personnel are raping them.

No, I don't understand how that works, either. I don't know how it makes me feel, either, to be honest, because all this time I thought I was a decent guy by not raping women, but now I find out that I'm raping them by not raping them? Do I understand this?

I think I know what's happened here: someone is playing Calvin Ball and someone forgot to rescind "Opposite Day".

Yep. Yep. OMG, yep. Can't say it enough. This is right.

OMG I'm not white. Or not very white, anyway, since I like virtually none of the things this site says white people can't live without. This site is satire done very well indeed, and I like it.

* * *

Saturday night and I ain't got nobody;
I got some money 'cause I just got paid.
How I wish I had someone to talk to;
I'm in an awful state.

..."state" doesn't really rhyme with "paid". "Laid" does, but ending the chorus of that song with "because I wanna get laid" would have made it irredeemably crude for the time in which the song was written.

This is the kind of stuff I think about when I'm not doing anything else.

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