atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#931: Monday, and more winter

They say "6 to 8 inches" by tomorrow morning. *sigh*

I'm pretty much done with winter. I'm ready for spring.

I don't have anything to comment on today. No news, Boortz hasn't updated his site yet (it's 10 AM where he is, for crying out loud!) and I'm tired from working an unaccustomed Sunday night.

It's nice to have worked it since I got to see some people I don't normally get to see, but I don't think I'm going to make the mistake of volunteering for another Sunday. They can get the little truck fixed, damn it; I've had enough of these "emergencies".

Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine. Get used to it.

...esp. since I spent more time working on re-aligning shelves than I did driving the truck anyway. We made a trip to the warehouse; then I was sent to the back room to work on "re-profiling" one aisle of the stockroom. Fine, whatev...but I was led to understand that they desperately needed someone for warehouse duty, not an extra pair of hands to screw around with shelving.

Well, I learned something new, anyway, so it wasn't a total waste of time. Still, I would much rather have been at home, sleeping or watching anime...and failing that, I would rather have been doing just about anything else than screwing around with the shelves in the back room.

The person who designed those shelves needs his ears boxed. Badly. The shelves suck, and if you need to put one in or change its location, you'd better gird yourself for battle, because it's going to be a mighty struggle just to get everything aligned right. And while you're trying to get everything aligned, you must support the shelf with your other hand--so if you need to finagle something you've got to do it one-handed. The shelf won't quite fit into the space it has to fit into, of course, and if you so much as relax the arm supporting the heavy-ass shelf even a little bit, it'll fall out of place and you'll have to pull the shelf out and start from the beginning.

A rubber mallet is your friend.

But, I managed to get two sections re-profiled, and finished a third that someone else had started, complete with new labels and merchandise scanned in--so WTF. As I said, I learned something new--something useful--and I get paid the same no matter what work I end up doing, so screw it.

* * *

And this is a major plus: this is the last week of February this year. Wahoo, etc.

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