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#933: Argh, I should have said this.

In Jerry Pournelle's mail page, Steve Chu said this:

"I find it abhorrent that there are so-called 'scientists' that want to drastically revise the estimated size of the Milky Way galaxy. There is scientific consensus on the size of the galaxy. These galactic size deniers are obviously in the pocket of Big Astronomy."

He's right! He's right! There is consensus about the size of the galaxy! These galactic mass skeptics are right up there with the flat-earthers and the creationists!

* * *

And here's a huge stack of links with wisecracks:

At a time when energy prices are flirting with records, let's make it more expensive! A veto on this BS is common sense, which is something Washington DC is notoriously lacking.

I don't have any problem with tax breaks for "renewable" or "green" energy sources. Just don't increase taxes on Big Oil to "pay" for it. Jesus, just let the federal government get by with less money for once.

Worst states for employment. California is #5; Mighigan is #1.

The District of Colombia--which is not a state!--is #6. You would think that CNN would know and understand that DC is not a state, but in all probability someone in charge there thinks it ought to be a state. *sigh*

$4 gas this spring, some hope. Like eco-nuts and people planning to vote Demokrat.

"For Americans like Phyllis Berry, a 31-year-old General Motors factory worker in Cleveland, gasoline costs are starting to hurt.

"'I used to fill it up pretty regularly, but now I drive it until the tank is almost empty, looking for the cheapest place to buy gas,' said Berry, who drives a beat-up Chevrolet Caravan."

Uh...what? Chevrolet Caravan? Chevrolet? I've found a 1980 Brazilian Chevy called a "Caravan" which apparently is based on the Monte Carlo of the same year. And I see that for some reason Chevy has managed to call some of its full-size vans "Caravans" even though Chrysler has been building minivans under the name "Caravan" since at least 1980.

If this woman is driving a Chevy "Caravan" it's a full-size van that probably gets in the range of 13-15 MPG in the city. Maybe she should get rid of that thing and buy something a little smaller?

Meanwhile, the article predicts that oil prices will continue to rise, perhaps to $137 per barrel in 2015. I think these predictions fail to take into account the increase in supply that will result from oil trading above $80 per barrel.

Sexual abuse! Er, not. The woman touseled a boy's hair and then pulled his head back against her chest. She was fully clothed at the time. For touching the back of his head to her fully-clothed breasts, she's been sentenced to six years in prison.


Can we please set down the pitchforks and torches and back away slowly? I'm all for protecting children from sexual predators, but let's not be ludicrous.

People who think China is a paradise, take note. When the government is in charge of everything, people literally have to risk their lives to ensure the truth is known. This is why Chernobyl happened; there were no people who could call the USSR government on it.

Speaking of eco-disasters due to government mandates, here's more on the incandescent bulb ban. Guess what? A CF bulb can contain up to thirty milligrams of mercury. Remember when I picked 5 mg as an "average"? Looks like I was a bit low! Assume that the extremes are bad data and truncate both ends by ten units. That means a typical CF bulb contains at least 11 mg of mercury and not more than 19 mg...take the arithmetic mean of that, you get 15 mg. Which means, last year, 4,500 kg of mercury was used, not 1,500. That's four and a half long tons of mercury which will have to safely be disposed of, "somehow". And it'll get worse when we can't use incandescent bulbs at all.

Consumer confidence weakens. Of course it does. Watch the news and all you hear about is how poorly the economy is doing. This time next year (when I expect we'll have President Barak Obama sitting pretty in the White House) the economy will be no different but it will be reported as if Americans suddenly began to shit $100 bills.

God knows how long this link will work. There's a link on that page to a white paper by Sen. James Inhofe, called A Skeptic's Guide to Debunking Global Warming Alarmism. It's interesting stuff. There are other links on that page I will have to have a gander at, too.

Happosai makes his move yet again. I thought Happosai liked womens' underwear which had been worn, which was the only thing keeping him from cleaning out lingerie stores. But since we, here in America, don't line-dry as much as the Japanese do, perhaps he's gotten desperate. I just don't know.

Snake oil salesmen don't like being called frauds. (Via.) Let me say it again, in case reading both those links don't make it bleeding obvious: crap like this doesn't work. Okay? The fuel catalysts, the fuel line magnets, the "Tornado", all the junk that purports to "increase fuel economy" does not do jack shit. The only way you can increase fuel economy is to lean out the fuel mix, and in modern cars that involves monkeying with the computer...and even then, you don't get too far from the idea 14.1:1 mix before your car stops running. It's incremental at best, and it won't increase horsepower at the same time.

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