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#937: I like hot dogs.

I had better. Mom bought a 3-lb box of 'em. They're Oscar Mayer, at least...

But that has nothing to do with the news today:

Boyd Coddington was a prick. But he didn't deserve to die at age 63.

I never liked him. Every time I saw him on TV he was always being a jerk. If you look at him in the muffler commericials ("Flowmaster" IIRC) he never smiles.

Look a the other famous hot rod builder, Chip Foose; that guy is almost always smiling.

Still, Boyd Coddington was a talented designer and he'll be missed by many.

In the same vein, then, Ann Coulter eulogizes William F. Buckley, Jr. She recalls some of his most "outrageous" (only if you're a liberal) quotes. I love Ann Coulter.

Pundits are surprised that the Oscars tanked. I am not. I stopped bothering with that BS years decades ago. Apparently a lot of other people are beginning to understand why. Awesome.

Eskimos sue Big Oil over global warming. There's so much wrong with this, I don't even know where to start. Certainly it takes some unique legal theory to come to the conclusion that Big Oil is entirely to blame for global warming when all it really does is make petroleum available to people. But you can't name "everybody who has ever burned anything" as a defendant in a lawsuit.

Since it's impossible to tell naturally-occurring carbon dioxide from the man-made stuff--the molecules are not labeled or anything--the outcome of this case will largely depend on where the case is tried.

Besides, all they have to do is wait a few years, and the ice will be back.

Oh well. (Via.)

The last time the Sun had an activity this low was shortly before the Little Ice Age began.
We saw a single reversed polarity high latitude sunspot on January 4th, 2008, which would signal the start of a new cycle 24, which was originally predicted to have started last March and expected to peak in 2012. So far the sun doesn’t seem to have restarted its normal upwards climb.
In other words, with the exception of the sunspot of Jan 4th of this year, the latest cycle is nearly a year late in starting.

It's going to get cold. By the time the Eskimos get their lawsuit to trial, they'll have all the sea ice they could have ever wanted and their lawyers will have to figure out how to blame that on the defendants.

Welcome to the new ice age. Oh, come on, now--that's going a bit far, isn't it? But it makes the point, that something is happening to our climate that was not predicted by any computer model--because the computer models assume constant output from the sun. *sigh*

Margaret Sanger's organization. "Sanger wrote, 'We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.'"

* * *

I've got two spams to share today.

First, Guillermo Bowen says, "Your >!ck will win all women's admiration".

I can only parse this as some kind of programming language math operator convention gone awry: "less-than not-CK". "!" is typically used to indicate the Boolean "not" function--!1=0, for example--and anyone who managed to get through high school math should know the functions of "<" and ">". So all I need to know is what the value of "ck" is, and I'll be able to figure out what the freaking hell Guillermo is trying to tell me....

Second: Irma Negron's e-mail.

Correct me if I'm wrong, here: "Irma" is a woman's name, right? Let's check Google.

Well, a few links later, I have learned that "Irma" can be used for both boys and girls.

Thus, Irma's e-mail now makes sense: "Let's compare your shlong and my I am sure that my is bigger".

If Irma was a girl, this would be scary. Instead, it's just kind of unnerving.

Even so: Irma, I don't care if your schlong is bigger. I. DON'T. CARE. Okay? And I don't want to see it.

* * *


This morning was another winter morning where I drove home and marveled at all the frosted trees. The trees coated with rime frost, this time, sparkled as if there were (inactive) lights in them. I think conditions were right for them to grow some big crystals.

Of course, with the morning progressing, the trees are warming up and the crystals are melting in the sunlight. Oh well.

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