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#942: Monday, anime, stuff, news, etc, etc. (And weather.)

I got a huge bunch of stuff here today.

I slept through my weekend, pretty much only being awake long enough to eat and bathe, so when I was finally slept out--at 2 AM Monday morning--I fired up Media Player Classic and watched an approximate assload of anime.

I watched four episodes each of:

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's
Bamboo Blade
Blue Drop

...and one ep of Pretty Cure Max Heart. I was in a bad enough mood when all this started that I was disgusted by Pretty Cure's usual utter lack of tactics or strategy. Besides, a villain that I thought they'd vaporized about five episodes ago turned out not to be vaporized. You've got to love "legendary heroes" whose main strategy is to run away until someone gets mad enough to whip out a finishing move. *sigh*

* * *

OPEC won't change production. It's looking like they'll keep things as they are. Well, why should they change? They're getting all-time record profits from their sales of oil.

The best thing about this Vox Day opinion piece is how he wryly comments on educators who can't count to five. Heh. He quotes a "communication" from the College of Education at California State University, Sacramento: "There are four main goals that we have and will continue to focus on in the college, which are expressed in the acronym TEACH...." "Four main goals" spread over five letters? No, there are five goals there!

It would be funny if it weren't so tragic.

Clinton campaign training materials. The quoted bit is an interesting insight into how the Clinton campaign operates; but the comments for this article are also good.

The most entertaining thing about them is the view it gives outsiders on the infighting at the grassroots level. This is fun.

Suddenly, current events are "just weather" and we have to look at the "long term". Yeah. The global temperature anomaly underwent a huge drop but it's "just weather". Right. 1998 was "the warmest year on record" but that was part of a long-term trend; that wasn't "just weather".

Winter carnival canceled because of "too much winter".

More Americans getting their news from the Internet. No surprises here.

Gravity powered lamp? No. I love it. The guy who came up with the concept won money for his idea. This is a field I ought to get into, since I know enough physics to sling bullshit with the best of them.

The grand prize was taken by a freaking watt meter. A watt meter in a $3 jar. You can go buy a slick-looking device that'll do the same thing for maybe $40 or $50 and sport an easier-to-read display in the bargain. Heh.

"Honorable mention" went to a hand-cranked MP3 player. "O brave new world which has such products in it!" (I don't remember who said that, but it is a quote.)

As for the stupid impossible lamp, apparently the bonehead who designed it used it as part of his master's thesis in architecture. Good Lord, stay away from any buildings this gomer designs! And for an extra-special treat, have a look at his master's thesis. What a load of shit!

* * *

Today, the weather started out warm for early March--in the 50s--but it's getting cooler now, and we're supposed to get 3-5 incheas of snow before it's all over.

This is on top of all the rain we had last night, by the way. Which I am just as glad for--that it was rain, I mean, and not snow. One inch of rain is ten inches of snow, and we do not need more snow. We don't even need what we're getting tonight.

Have I mentioned that I'm sick of winter?

And here's a picture of Arf, from Nanoha, in all her hotness:

Yeah, so she's a dog. But she's the hottest dog I ever saw.

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