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#943: It's Tuesday!

Whee, etc.

I'm not the only one. And from that link I got this one, which indicates that some publications are actually capable of sentient thought on the issue.

I use 18-gauge speaker wire. Maybe I should upgrade, though. I don't have any qualms whatsoever about using whatever sort of wire I can find and the latter page mentions "low-voltage lighting" wire, made for outdoor use, which is 12-gauge and which would probably be very nice for speaker wiring. But I don't have any complaints with the sound I get using 18-gauge wire, and in all probability I don't need to upgrade.

The big list of the Spring 2008 season of anime! Only one series on that list piques my interest--Itazura na Kiss--although the fan service vehicles Kanokon and To Love-ru also sound like fun. I'll be watching for 'em. The rest of the anime on that list don't even rate a "Well, maybe", at least not from me.

A good article on the recent global cooling event.

Looks like the Moms need to learn to share, too. How asinine do you have to be to start a fight over a game in an arcade? I mean, I can see the kids doing it, but the parents?

The Earth Liberation Front yet again displays its calm and reasoned approach to environmentalism. (That is, by the way, an example of irony.) The Weekly World News New York Times calls them "anti-sprawl activists".

* * *

After today we'll know if Hillary is going to drop out of the race or if she's going to make a long, drawn-out, bloody fight of it. I am sincerely hoping for the latter: not only will it display what a harridan she is, to the point of driving it home to all and sundry, but it will also put the Demokrat party into some reasonable semblance of disarray at least until their convention, if not longer, because the pro-Hillary people will continue to make asses of themselves as long as they have hope that Hillary can still be the nominee.

* * *

This is why pilots practice crosswind landings as much as possible. I don't even want to think about how hard the wind was blowing across that landing strip. And it was gusting, too--bad enough that the gust that nearly crashed the plane made its left wing actually hit the runway, knocking the winglet off the tip of it.

I bet there wasn't a clean seat (or pair of underwear) on that plane after that. I know mine wouldn't have been.

* * *

Boortz discusses a janitor getting in trouble for reading a book about Notre Dame students fighting the KKK in 1924. Because the book had "the Ku Klux Klan" on the cover, the janitor was being "insensitive" to his black coworkers. :rolleyes:

Boortz is a good read again today, anyway.

* * *

The 3-5 inches of snow we were supposed to get? We didn't get so much as a flake, I'm pleased to say, and the roads were dry when I left for work last night.

There's random snow predicted for the next several days, though.

* * *

Finally, here's a list of topics archived from a discussion group on nuclear power and technology. Fascinating stuff.

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