atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

Sales, Sleep, Suffering

I went to K-mart with Mom to pick up a few things. She wanted some vacuum cleaner bags and belts for the new suck-o-matic, and I wanted to pick up a new throw pillow.

Ever since breaking my little finger in 2003 I've been in the habit of sleeping with a pillow under one arm. I had to keep that hand elevated for several days after the operation, and because of the unwieldy nature of the brace I kept sleeping like that even after the doc said it was okay not to. I had a stainless steel pin sticking out of my finger for six weeks; it became habit.

K-mart, as you know, was bought by Sears not too long ago. The K-mart near here is undergoing a complete renovation, apparently. They're changing shelves around, and they have a couple of long sections of clearance merchandise--50 to 75% off.

I perused that section and bought three car covers. I bought them because they were around $12.50 each, and I like to keep the '85 Fiero under a car cover when I'm not using it as a daily driver. I bought all three because I need one for my car; one to replace the one I borrowed from Victor (time and the elements have all but destroyed it); and one as a spare.

These covers are tan, rather than white. That ought to make Dad happy, since dirt won't show up as easily on these.

The throw pillow--I have one already, but it's coming apart at the seams. I bought two pillows--one is a nicely-sized pillow for sleeping; the other is much larger and will be dandy for propping myself up in bed when I want to watch TV.

And wouldn't you know it, my stupid back still hurts. I had already known that I would get nothing done today--that was foregone conclusion last night, when I had to call off--but I had hoped that it would at least be less painful by now. Not so, damn it.

Lastly, I bought a quart of semi-gloss black Rustoleum. That's got a date with some suspension and undercarriage components off the '86 Fiero...if I can ever get to it.


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