atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#951: A Pirate I Was Meant to be....

From The Curse of Monkey Island, as I recall. This clip is one of the funniest sequences in the game.

This game came out before Phantom Menace and when I heard the guys from the Trade Federation talk the first thing I thought of was the evil pirate Rottingham who features prominently in the first part of the linked video. I mean, they sounded just like Rottingham to me.

I use the short pirate's line, "It was a rousing battle, cap'n!" all the time.

And the song the pirates sing is hilarious for its own reasons. The game was set up so that if you click through Threepwood's dialogue choices in order (which the person who made the YouTube video didn't do) the humor in the song would naturally build to Threepwood's verse (the one ending "You're not pirates; you're just slackers!") and then his "eat an orange" foil.

Curse of Monkey Island is the one with Murray, too, who has to be the best supporting character in a video game of all freaking time.


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