atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#952: I thought that crap was EXTINCT!

Here is an image I shamelessly stole from I Can Has Cheezburger:

I thought trilobites had gone extinct, like billions of years ago. (Okay, millions of years ago. Tens of millions. You know.) But whatever those things in that picture are, they are not crabs and they are not lobsters. To me they look like the descendants of trilobites, and that's freaking icky.

Okay: actually, I understand what's going on here. Trilobites evolved the way they did in response to environmental conditions, and these crabs or WTF-ever they are evolved this way due to similar environmental conditions. But it's still freaking icky, damn it.

I can only hope these taste good when steamed and dipped in butter.

...but it's not the way to bet.

Interesting fact: in 2005 my Japanese friend (or ex-friend, or ex-girlfriend, or WTF-ever she was) took a trip to Thailand with her friends, and while they were there they ate horseshoe crab, which is an endangered species. (Well, the Japanese variant is. It lives in the Seto sea--guess the Seto clan may have something to do with that....)

What the Wikipedia article does not mention is that apparently they neither taste nor smell good. They are endangered only because of habitat loss. I have a picture of the Japanese woman in question, with a friend at a restaurant in Thailand, holding up the cooked horseshoe crab with a dismayed and disgusted look on her face. The picture was originally captioned in hiragana: "Kusa~i!" meaning, "This smells BAD!"

It seems like any species which is older than the current geological epoch doesn't taste good. I wonder why that is?

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