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#955: News stuff

There is no consensus on global warming. Sorry. "...68 per cent [of 51,000 scientists and other professionals polled on climate change] disagree with the popular statement that "the debate on the scientific causes of recent climate change is settled."

Again, I don't know of anyone who seriously argues that the climate is not changing, that the Earth has not warmed in the last 100 years. Where we disagree is on the cause; most "climate change skeptics" do not claim to know why the climate is changing, not that it is changing. Hell, it changes all the time.

It looks like the Grand Canyon is three times older than we thought it was. How long have geologists been studying the thing? Since it was discovered, or what? There is a consensus on the age of the Grand Canyon, and these canyon age skeptics should all be arrested.

School shooter stopped by armed student. The school in question is in Israel, which has a slightly better idea of what effect "gun control" has on crime.

Sadistic killer lesbians. Women who are sexually excited by brutality killed their roommate "because she was annoying". Yeah, but Sally Field told us that if women were in charge, this kind of thing wouldn't happen.
One of the lesbian murderers was a self-styled "vampire".

* * *

I read a thread on the Fiero Forum about a guy getting reamed to the tune of $3000 for a transmission rebuild for his Lumina. Yeech.

The parts were hideously overpriced, for one thing. This was at an Aamco fanchise.

It makes me think spending the money on the required sets of tools might not be such a bad investment after all. Cripes. Let's see, $3000 for a rebuild, or $1000 for the tools plus $500 for the latter case, I've spent $1500 and can rebuild other transmissions of the same kind.

It's not rocket science and as long as you get everything clean and don't roll the parts around in cat litter before installing them--and follow the rebuild manual to the letter--it seems to me someone with my qualifications could manage it rather handily. It might take me a week, but I'm not afraid of trying it.

And that way I know exactly what's gone into my transmission.

* * *

AnimeSuki was down for a while. But I see Love GetChu ep 9! Finally, a new episode! Wa-hoo!!!!!

I'm so easy to please it's pathetic. Oh well.

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