atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#959: Content-free Wednesday

Yeah, I looked through the list of usual suspects and found nothing worth commenting on.

* * *

I have been giving some thought to writing a story about a guy living through the dawn of the next ice age. I thought about setting it in 2012 or so.

At the beginning of the story, the ice stretches about as far as southern Wisconsin, with permanent snow as far south as Indianapolis. The story would be about his job as a truck driver for FEMA, working on "the Big Move": everyone is being moved south out of the way of the advancing ice, and he's making several trips per week hauling whatever he's told to haul.

It's more of an exploration of what effect an ice age would have on us than anything else. Jerry Pournelle isn't kidding when he says that a new ice age would be a disaster without precedent.

* * *

Oh, here's something: Lawsuit. If you "take me downtown" for questioning, and it turns out that you did that because of--well, read the story--you'd better be ready for me to lawyer up, asshat.

The story doesn't mention what happened after that. Did the guy get in trouble at work because of the cops coming in and taking him away?

"Cooperate with the police", sure. But sue 'em if they do this to you, because otherwise they'll do it to other people.

If a cop takes you "downtown" for questioning, and it turns out to be due to an easily preventable mistake, there need to be consequences for that.

The police in this case clearly did not verify with the phone company who the phone number belonged to; they somehow found a match and grabbed the guy.

"We'd like to apologize for any inconvenience..." Yeah. Apologize to my lawyer, pal.

* * *

Large flocks of geese have flown past the bunker this morning. Going north. It's been a long winter but I expect geese to know what's up, so I expect this winter is actually coming to an end.

We got four feet of snow over the winter--which is close to a record--and God alone knows how many inches of rain as well. If it had fallen as snow instead of rain--and if we hadn't had the warm spells where the previously-fallen snow melted--we'd probably still be up to our ears in the stuff.

This winter could easily have been worse than it was.

Still, it's not over yet. It's still calendar winter, and the weather can easily stay cold until May; I don't count it as "spring" until we have a few nights in a row with shirtsleeve weather.

* * *

And this year, damn it, I am going to get something done in that damn garage!

I hope.

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