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#961: Poorly digitized.

My one complaint about the FLoser fansub of Blue Drop is the way they encoded it.

I've always had fairly sensitive ears. I have audiophile ears--well, I can't hear the difference between lamp cord and Monster Cables--and even at age 40 I can hear things others can't.

In the case of FLoser's fansub of BD, it manifests as "choppiness" in the girls' voices. It sounds most like a spurious 20 Hz "bump" in the waveform. I can't really describe it, but if you've heard audio which has been processed so that it plays in less time (or more) without changing the pitch you'll hear the kind of sound I'm talking about. It's distracting.

Anyway, the Genjo Subs version doesn't have this issue. Sadly, Genjo hasn't finished the series.

The video in FLoser's effort looks good. Pity the sound sucks. Also, they could use someone to edit their translations, too, because whoever wrote the subtitles seems to have a lot of trouble with coherency....

* * *

Limbaugh today is talking about Obama's preacher. Well, the guy is no longer Obama's preacher--he resigned his post in January--but the guy has left a trail of absurd leftist comments.

Example: "Jesus was a poor black man." No, Jesus was not a black man, any more than Ramses II or Moses were black. Jesus was from a country populated with "aryan" people; he might have been "swarthy" but that doesn't mean "black".

In fact, Jesus wasn't poor, either. His father was a carpenter--a tradesman--and the only reason they were in Bethelehem was so Joseph could pay his taxes. Jesus was probably middle class.

We don't know a hell of a lot about his life between his childhood and adulthood, but we do know that he was pretty well-educated. He might not have had much of an income while he roamed the ancient world preaching, but he came from a pretty well-to-do family.

Obama's ex-preacher, on Christmas Eve 2007, said that Jesus--a "poor black man"--was killed by "rich white men", apparently extending the roots of the KKK back to the first century AD, I suppose.

The preacher's sermon oversimplifies Jesus' crucifixion, turning it into some kind of racist diatribe and removing all the meaning from it. If Jesus was killed by rich white men because he was a poor black man, then what about all that stuff about "dying for your sins" and savior stuff?

Well, this is the same guy who gave an award (named after himself) to Louis Farrakhan. He's an ignoramus and a communist.

No surprise that a black Democrat loves him.

This same genius also said that Barak Hussein Obama is not "rich" or "powerful". WTF is that crap?

"Not rich"? Last year the guy made more money than I've ever made in my life. In the past five years he and his wife combined made more money than my dad ever made in his life. The guy is in the top 5% of income earners in the country!

"Not powerful"? The man is a United States Senator. If that's not power, then what the hell is?

* * *

In the same vein, Geraldine Ferraro has been heaved overboard by the Hillary campaign because of what she said about BHO.

...that's the way it works, though: if you are crass enough to tell the inconvenient truths about a black man, expect to be called "racist" and lose your job and whatever else they can take from you.

Obama would not be where he is if he weren't black. That's what Ferraro said; she also said that she wouldn't have been Mondale's veep pick if she hadn't been a woman, in 1984--does that also make her a sexist?

* * *

On to some other fun stuff:

It's 53°F outside today. Whee! It's a nice day!

...gut's blowing up so I'm not going to get much done, damn it.

In actuality I wasn't expecting to do anything this week, anyway; it'd be nice to be able to take advantage of the warm weather, though.

* * *

Last night I happened to catch The Matrix on AMC. It was only the second time I saw the movie.

Yesterday wasn't a good day. We got an upsetting phone call in the morning--stuff related to my sister in Maine, something involving money--and I got about two hours of sleep Wednesday afternoon. I woke up at 4 PM, could not get back to sleep, called off work, and ended up sitting on the sofa feeling like a zombie until 10 PM.

I could not fricking sleep. In fact it was almost midnight when I finally fell asleep again. But of course I wasn't awake or anything; no. No, I had to be unable to do anything useful!

...anyway, The Matrix was more entertaining than I remembered it being. Not one of the all-time great movies but okay.

I mean, I'd seen it once.

When it came out on DVD, a friend of mine bought a DVD player specifically so he could watch the DVD. The movie didn't play well with the player he bought, though. Thinking it might be the copy that was bad he bought another one; naturally it turned out to be the DVD player and not the DVD, so he had two copies of the movie. (Can't return a movie for a refund if you've opened it, after all.) He then bought another DVD player, on which the DVD worked.

Anyway I was his source for Knights of the Dinner Table comics, and after I got a DVD player (same model he'd bought) he asked me if I'd take a copy of The Matrix on DVD as payment for a stack of them instead of cash. I didn't mind; so that's how I ended up with my copy of the movie. I watched it once.

I never saw any of the Matrix movies in the theater, either. I saw the second one, once, after it came out on DVD, but still haven't seen the third one. I guess they just don't grab me.

* * *

Still no sign of Battlestar Galactica. But the 3rd season box set comes out on the 18th, so it's possible that it starts this weekend. Gotta check that out, I guess. Can't miss BG!

* * *


Battlestar Galactica starts April 4th. What happened to "coming in March"? Assholes.

BTW Yahoo's TV listings page--which used to be fast, useful, and informative--is now a flash-laden pile of dog excrement. Avoid at all costs.

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