atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

OMG I've just about had it

...with my job.

Generally when anyone on the backroom team does a pull, open stock goes into carts, and case stock (ie stuff that's still in shipping boxes) goes either on a flatbed cart, or a "tub". A tub is a cart with three sides. It's great for larger boxes, or many smaller boxes, or what-have-you.

The person who was separating all the stuff going to the Pharmacy area asked me not to bring up a tub. Why?

Oh, because she would have to lug the tub around while she broke out the stuff!

She thinks nothing of making me make twice the number of trips across the entire damn store, doubling MY workload so she doesn't have to work as hard. Argh! I just jumbled it all together in carts. Let her complain--just let her complain about it!

To top it off, then, I learned that there has been yet another promotion which was not posted on the board. Another person who is friendly with our former boss has been promoted to team lead!

In the time I've been there, no one has been promoted who was not in the boss' clique. NO ONE. This includes the team lead who is a lazy, stupid, arrogant boob, and the "music and movies specialist" who can't read and doesn't do all of his own work. This latest promotion is, at least, someone who works, but again he's one of the boss' friends.

The boss in question moved to days last month; and this latest promotion is--guess what!--moving to days. How obvious can you get?

I would love to be promoted to team lead. I'd love to be promoted into anything which was higher than "team member". I think I've proven that I'm intelligent and hard working; but apparently that isn't enough, at least not at that particular store.

So, I've decided I'm going to start moving around and seeing what I can find. It would be wonderful if I could find myself a technical writing job, particularly if it was nearby.

Screw 'em. They don't deserve me.

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