atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#964: Saturday afternoon, before naptime.

I didn't even realize how quickly the time was passing.

I lay down in bed after getting home this morning and having breakfast. I turned on the DS and fiddled with a couple games I bought at work. (2 for $30. I shouldn't have bought them; they suck.) Then I stuck the Zelda cart back in and...

Whoa, it's 11--time for the car shows. Turned on the TV and kept playing...

Whoa, it's almost 1 PM and the car shows are over. Turned off the TV and kept playing...

Suddenly it was after two.

This thing's like crack!

I have no idea how far through the game I am, but I only have half of the "world map".

So far I have needed external help for one thing: to get past a door I was instructed to "blow out the candles" and I didn't realize that meant I was supposed to blow into the microphone.... They do some clever things with the controls in this game, which is probably one reason it's so entertaining.

* * *

My friend BDunbar learns a little about how certain stories get reported by the mainstream media. Although I didn't know the details of the Love Canal story any better than he did, when I read his post on the subject I wasn't even remotely surprised. Considering that the mainstream media equate Chernobyl and Three Mile Island as "nuclear disasters"...

* * *

Yes, even Hondas can suck. Honda came out with a lousy transmission. It has happened to every manufacturer of any kind of product: sooner or later something which is junk goes to manufacturing.

* * *

The news is full of nothing that interests me. Last night started off well and then turned really annoying. I'm tired and ought to hit the hay. Later.

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