atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#971: Grandma got run over by Obama's campaign

Ann Coulter discusses ways in which the Obama campaign dropped the ball on the race issue. I love Ann Coulter.

Vox Day thinks we're headed into a depression. It's hard to argue with him; he makes good points. I just hope he's wrong.

But, WTF, we've survived more than one depression. It won't be easy but we'll manage.

Lo! Compact flourescent bulbs cause pollution! They let us save "five million tons of carbon" (though we don't know if that's per year or over the life of the bulb) but in exchange we get mercury!

Meanwhile the EPA has a page describing what you should do if you break a CF bulb. The instructions seem to be appropriate for dealing with a radiological spill.

And here is an NPR article about global warming. It seems to be written on the assumption that manmade global warming is proven, but what it does get right is how much we don't know about the global climate, which is approximately "everything".

* * *

After my anime marathon last night--and after going to bed around 3 AM and sleeping for 6 hours--I'm still tired. I'm glad it's only Thursday, because if it were Friday it'd mean I'd have to go to work tonight. *sigh*

* * *

I got a haircut a week ago, and I am still glad I did. My last haircut was in October; I need to get 'em more often. It's so nice not to have a shaggy mane. A hat will again hide my non-combed hair; I use a lot less shampoo, too.

* * *

Last night, Friday's precipitation forecast was at 80%. Now it's at 100%.

I'll be disappointed if we don't get any. Heh.

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