atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#972: "Obama is a mac daddy!"

OOOooooo: Boortz brought this to my attention. He's a racist!

...anyone who is critical of Obama is a racist; that's what I'm taking from the way the anti-Obama stories get played in the news.

Boortz also thoughtfully links to video of an event which offended muslims in England, so that we may be offended as well: Whee! Go to about 3:16 to see the things that offended muslims.

I have to admire women who can go out and dance wearing pasties and not much else, in weather where everyone else is wearing winter coats.

A muslim leader said he would have liked "a more multicultural" celebration. Really? People in Great Britan celebrating the opening of a shopping center by having a parade in the style of Brazil--seems plenty multi-culti to me!

Part of "multicultural" means tolerance for other cultures, you anus. As in, you also accept their culture. You live your way, they live theirs, and neither one gets bent out of shape over it. But that's not how muslims interpret "multicultural"; they interpret it the same way Democrats interpret "bipartisan": it means YOU concede to THEIR wishes.

The parade would not have been nearly as entertaining had the women been wearing burqas. "I had taken children with me", complains the thin-skinned "muslim leader". The women's "naughty bits" were concealed. If your children will be irreparably harmed by seeing cleavage, legs, and abs, they're pretty much screwed anyway. Better move to Iran or Saudi Arabia or something.

Yes, progressive Saudi Arabia, where women can now drive! ...subject to certain limits, of course.

* * *

The web's getting snarky. I just tried going to a page with a bad URL, and got forwarded to Wikipedia's page on Hypertext Transfer Protocol. I mean, how sarcastic can you get? It's like the interweb just said, "Here's a page explaining how this shit works, moron."

Damn, I got schooled again.

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