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#976: Finally saw the last Matrix movie.

You see, I happened to see that Reloaded and Revolutions were on sale at work for $5 each. So I grabbed 'em, because until Friday night I only had the first movie. WTF, $5 each isn't that much more than a rental, so why the hell not?

I had seen Reloaded before, when it first came out on DVD, but hadn't seen Revolutions at all. So tonight--after watching 7 eps of various anime series, I threw in Reloaded...and then threw Revolutions in right after.

And boy does my butt hurt from sitting in that chair for so long. How the hell can my comfy rocking chair hurt to sit in for all that time when I can spend the same amount of time in my non-cushy desk chair, and it's fine? I do not understand ergonomics, particularly butt ergonomics. Not one bit.

Anyway, these are some damned entertaining movies. I know a lot of people felt let down by the philosophy and stuff, but you know what? Fuck that shit. This is a movie where people shoot a lot of guns and kick each other's asses in situations which they couldn't even film in real life because some of the stunts would be just too insanely dangerous even to attempt. But by using digital composition they managed to make some fricking exciting-ass movies. That scene on the freeway in Reloaded? That is action movie gold, right there. Iridium-plated gold.

As pure escapism The Matrix series does not disappoint, not even a little bit. (Except the rave scene in Reloaded, which I skipped this time. It's utterly worthless, so I just skipped it. They thoughtfully made that a single chapter on the disk, too.)

I don't even care about the philosophical nonsense these movies were supposed to be full of. It doesn't matter. What matters is that the good guys had a hard fight on their hands but they won in the end, against impossible odds, and everything was cool.

* * *

As for the anime, I watched more of the anime I listed here.

WTF is going on with Rental Magic? Are the episodes being shown out of chronological order or something? Ep 1 clearly took place later in the story arc than ep 2 did. WTF.

The character art in Emily of New Moon still sucks. The backgrounds are still gorgeous. The story is interesting enough. I thought it was set in England, but it's set in Canada--Prince Edward Island, to be exact--in 1896.

* * *

Well, it's Easter, which means you're not likely to be able to get any more "Chiyo Chiyo" plushes from Target. If you desperately wanted your own Bird plush (from Potemayo) you are now out of luck.

* * *

BTW, watching the Matrix movies with the subwoofer--damn. It's like a freaking earthquake. (I switched to headphones after Mom went to bed, though. She didn't ask me to but I was raised to be considerate.)

* * *

My rocking chair broke again. After I disassembled the base and glued it with Gorilla Glue, in February, Thursday night it came loose again. AGAIN! And in the same spot: the front part of the pedestal.

Having had enough of this shit, I bought some 1/8" thick by 5/8" wide steel strip, cut two 9" lengths, drilled holes, and then put bolts through them and the base. That base cannot pop loose now. In order for it to pop loose again it will have to suffer a catastrophic failure which would render the chair unusable anyway. (Yeah, when I get frustrated, I tend to go overkill on solutions. Oh well.)

I clamped it before drilling the bolt holes in the wood, so there's a bit of preload on the steel--and now it rocks smoothly again. I have enough metal left to do the other side, too, if need be; I'd just need more bolts and washers.

It looks like ass* but I'm tired of screwing around with this crap. I have had to repair this chair every year since I got it in 1998--it had a really nice warranty on it but getting them to honor the freaking warranty was like pulling teeth.

It's made by "Best Chairs". That name is a filthy lie, because I'm pretty sure the best chairs wouldn't need so much freaking repair work.

This is a $300 freaking rocking chair, too, for crying out loud. I've replaced the bearings at least twice, glued the base together innumerable times, had to fix a broken seat spring, and I forget WTF else. *sigh*

I've got another rocking chair which needs the expertise of a furniture repair shop to be restored to 100%. I don't have the tools needed to fix the thing, unfortunately.

*=(Actually you can barely see the bolts, and if I bothered to trim them and maybe paint the metal parts you probably wouldn't notice them at all unless I pointed them out.)

* * *

The face of European socialism. The family absorbs about $60,000 per year in government handouts and none of the able bodied adults in it work at all. And they're upset because the house the government is giving them to live in isn't big enough!

Says one useless twit, "I don't like the idea of having to be bossed around at work and I don't want to go to college or anything because I like to stay in bed in the morning. In the meantime, it's my right to claim benefits. One day I'd like a council flat."

Read the comments, too.

What the hell, why work when you can sponge off the government for everything? Certainly it sounds as if they don't suffer any reduction in their quality of life.

* * *

Every once in a while, as I write this, I hear a sound from outside. It sounds like it might be either a small dog barking, or a barred owl. I can't really tell.

I know what I would prefer: the barred owl. They're rare. When I lived in Cedar Rapids, the last couple years I was there, there were one or two of the creatures living in the woods next to my apartment building, and every so often I could hear them hooting at each other. I even found some of their feathers in the woods one day. (The law being what it is, I picked up a feather, looked at it, figured out what bird it was from, and set it down exactly the way I'd found it. It's a federal offense to collect the feathers of non-game birds. I could have gone to jail for keeping that feather. But I so desperately wanted it....)

When I came to Illinois in November of 2003, then, one night I went out to look at the full moon. There was a little snow drifting down, and high clouds partly obscured the moon; but as I stood there and looked up, I heard--for the first time ever in Crete--a barred owl calling from the woods. I had never heard an owl here before that night, but I've heard several since then.

I like owls.

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