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#977: Early Monday linky-dink

Watch what you click. Clicking a link--even due to a mistake--can land you in jail.

I'm the first to agree that we need to protect children from sexual predators. But this is a bit much, isn't it? Just clicking a link can subject you to a not-gentle FBI visit--is this "innocent until proven guilty" or is it "you clicked that link and we're going to put you in jail for it, sicko!"

I really don't like the idea of this kind of thing. Unfortunately it helps the FBI make itself look good to its bosses. While the FBI is nailing innocent people and the Just Plain Stupid to the wall, the serious pedophiles--the ones who are actually dangerous--are using fake names, IDs, and God knows what else to traffick in kiddy oprn.

In a real-world test, a BMW 5-series got better average fuel economy than a Toyota Prius. Interesting. And totally irrelevant to anyone who doesn't bother to think for himself.

Weirdos are upset over the name of a burger joint.


(Yes, "weirdos". Gays comprise at most 5% of the population. That makes them "weird". Suck it.)

Globe has cooled slightly since 1998. I'm with Boortz on this: will the people telling us that man-made carbon dioxide is causing global warming/climate change please tell us what the ideal temperature of the Earth is?

Women earn less than men! If you adjust for factors such as experience, training, and maternity leave, women suddenly achieve parity. In raw dollars, yeah, women earn less than men, when you figure across the entire population. But a female gynecologist isn't going to earn less than a male gynecologist, assuming equal experience and training. The women at the store in the same position I'm in don't earn less than I do.

In a sample of 100,000 people--half male, half female--some of those 50,000 women will be employed as "housewife", a position which garners no salary and which drives the average for female workers down.

Any economist worth his degree ought to know better, damn it. This woman is a moron.

I am not just ahead of the curve; I am the curve. The recession following 9/11 is what got me. Well, that, a broken finger, an evil girlfriend, and--it seems--a former life's worth of bad karma....


If you don't want to sell people cars, this is one way to do it. The comments are great. I especially liked this one:
What's the difference between a BMW and a cactus?
With the BMW, the pricks are on the inside.

* * *

The current anime playlist is really long. I don't know what to do about it. I've only got about 10-11 eps of Pretty Cure Max Heart left. Emily of New Moon, Rental Magic, and Kimikiss--Pure Rouge are all full season (24-26 episode) series and I'm just starting them. Kimagure Orange Road is 48 eps but not all are available yet. I just watched ep 19 of Bamboo Blade.

If I keep watching one ep of each show on the list per day, the shorter series (and Pretty Cure Max Heart and Bamboo Blade) will just drop off the list due to being over. KOR is not going to have many more episodes available before I run through the 12 that are currently out.

Well, there is still plenty of unwatched stuff waiting. I've kind of had a hankering to re-watch Akazukin Chacha, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, and Kodomo no Omocha. I have KnO fansubs through ep 40; I suppose I ought to look into getting the commercial release so I can see what happens after ep 40....

Maybe figure out how to hold my nose and put up with the crappy translations on my copy of Fruits Basket, too. It's a Taiwan bootleg and the translation is so bad they mangled the characters' names. Tohru Honda, the main character--her name is given as "Pentan Toi" in some episodes of this version.

"Pentan Toi"? WTF! WTFF!! Did the people who wrote the English subtitles for a Japanese show really think the characters should be read as Chinese? Or what?

...anyway I watched enough of ep 1 to see that, put the DVD away, and never took it out of its package ever again. I have several eps of Fruits Basket somewhere; if sufficiently motivated perhaps I could force myself to check the DVDs for proper translations. Maybe it's just the first couple of eps, and I have those as US-based fansubs at least.

*sigh* I bought these DVDs before the series was licensed here, anyway.

* * *

By the way, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi ep 3 is the "Arumi loses her panties" episode. I don't remember the last time I saw so many "female lead goes commando" gags in one 24-minute episode.

...or maybe it's just the first one. I've only seen 1-3 so far. Did the guys at Gainax not consider the fact that she's about twelve a problem?

Oh well.

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