atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#978: Subject!

Blu-Ray DRM cracked. That's right: the content-protection revenue-protection scheme which made Blu-Ray more palatable to studios because it would last for "ten years" has been cracked.

Incidentally, ever since seeing the name "Blu-Ray" my mind has continually tried to pronounce it as if it were spelled "bluh-ray". I'm tired of fighting it. I hate asinine re-spellings of real words.

We're a step closer to reasonably-priced large-format LCDs. Advances such as this one will help bring down the cost of manufacturing LCD panels.

Still, the OLED displays can already be printed with current inkjet technology. If they could just fix the longevity problem....

A taser doesn't always work. Okay, when a guy pulls out the electrode, laughs, and says, "Is that all you got?" that's when I'd pull out my pistol.

Unborn baby is "not a person". How nice. So much for the "viability test". At least in Colorado, any baby which has not yet been born doesn't qualify as "human".

People asking for tolerance are willing to give none. Why be surprised by that?

SF writers can solve any problem! Well, at least, they're perfectly willing to give you ideas you can use to solve the problem. (You may not like them, though.)

IPCC is getting nervous about climatge change. ...because the climate is not cooperating and behaving the way the computer models say it's supposed to behave.

I think I could say something here about building on a foundation of sand, but maybe I don't need to.

* * *

Last night at work I was backstocking freight, and I backstocked an assload of Speed Racer toys. I couldn't wait for that stuff to be stocked and opened a few boxes to get a look at the stuff.

There is going to be a die-cast model of the Mach V--1:24 scale, unfortunately, and not 1:18, damn it. (1:18 is the same scale as my die-cast Fiero.

It gets set next week. Then I'm going to start buying Speed Racer merchandise...

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