atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#984: But apartheid was worse, right?

South Africa is a mess.

Those of us who keep a casual interest in the ebb and flow of life in post-colonial Africa note that the ensuing chaos is universally laid at the feet of Western Civilization, without irony.

White people "oppressed" the people of Africa; and when the white people stop doing that, it's their fault that everything goes to shit at mach 9. Zimbabwe, for example, is in the state it's in not because Mugabe is a corrupt thug, but because of British colonialism. The British stopped having any say in the government of Zimbabwe in 1980, but 28 years later it's because of Britain that Zimbabwe is in such dire straits.

I know that black people are constitutionally capable of running things well. The IQ difference between the races isn't that great. The problem is one of culture.

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