atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

A Brief Moment of Joy

Last night they had me do Receiving.

Working in the receiving area is like working in the stockroom, only you're not pulling anything and you're not backstocking anyt open stock. You work with bulk freight, on pallets, and that's about it.

The nice thing about working receiving is that you can listen to your choice of music. That means it can be anything. You don't have to worry about people complaining that the music is putting them to sleep.

I put on the local classical music station. They happened to be playing a bunch of waltzes. If you have ever worked in a warehouse or the receiving area of a major store, you should know that it is a rare treat to work with some good waltzes playing. It turns the movement of the Waves and the lift trucks into a ballet, I tell you. A ballet with heavy machines, counterpointed with the whirring of hydraulic pumps--a man's ballet, without tippytoes or tutus or any of that fairy stuff.

It was wonderful. And there was a moment where I was putting a pallet up, where the operation was delicate and touchy, and required a deft hand on the lift truck's tiller, where the music that was playing was just perfect for what I was doing. And at that moment, I was glad to be at work and glad to be doing what I was doing. It very rarely gets better than that!

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