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#992: Today, Yawara!. Tomorrow, Battlestar Galactica!

I just put in my preorder for season one of Yawara! AnimEigo is finally releasing it! No due date yet but this is a big step forward for Y! fans!

...$130 with shipping. For forty episodes. But it's freaking Yawara! and I know it's worth every penny. And once we get to the second volume, I'll get to see past where the fansubs left off.

Finally! I've been waiting for nine years for this shit!

* * *

Speaking of excrement, Ted Turner reveals that you need not be sane to be super-rich--that in fact you can be batshit insane and still have enough money to buy your own Space Shuttle.

When discussing this issue on his show yesterday, Limbaugh mentioned that he can cite Arbitron ratings demonstrating that he is the most listened-to talk show host in America, and the press will say "Limbaugh claims...." Yet Ted Turner opens his piehole and lets a bunch of leftist moonbattery fall out and the press treats it as gospel.

But there's no media bias or anything.

* * *

Yes, I've begun listening to Limbaugh again, once in a while. He's just no fun when there's a Republican in the White House, even a moderate country club guy like George W. Bush. But listening to Limbaugh opine on the election news is worthwhile, IMHO, and he raises some good points, as always.

I am reminded that McCain will be the least of two (or more) evils in November. Despite the fact that part of McCain's platform involves "solutions for global warming". McCain is a liberal Republican, farther to the left than GWB is, and that--to borrow a phrase from Joycelyn Elders--bothers me.

Still, McCain is more conservative than Hillary and Obama combined, so he's my pick even if I have to wear a gas mask when I vote. Voting for the guy does not blind me to his obvious faults, and I can't bring myself to vote Democrat regardless of how attractive the shipload of schadenfreude would be when the Democrat royally stuffed it.

My other problem is that none of the frontrunners has any executive experience whatsoever. They're all Senators, and the two Dems combined don't have two complete terms in office to rub together.

...and if you're going to tell me Hillary has executive experience because of Bill's two terms in office, save your carpal tunnels--I won't buy it. Being the junior Senator from New York is the first paying job she had in decades. When you run something because your husband appointed you to it, and you're only accountable to him, that's not "executive experience"; that's nepotism and a hobby, like running the board at the local country club.

Come to think of it, something like that would lend more executive experience than Hillary's had. She hasn't been accountable.

With Obama behind in the polls, and with Hillary's history, at this point I fail to see how she can not get the nod--but it's early yet, and there are months to go before the convention. If she does get it, she'd better pick Obama as her veep. (He won't be able to decline; trust me on this. I can see the Dem leadership saying, "If you're not the veep, the blacks stay home in November and we lose. You WILL accept.")

Obama's got more freedom. He can pick anyone he wants for his VP. Some have suggested Al Gore.

Al Gore won't run as VP again, not after being the presidential nominee in 2000. Who would?

* * *

And tomorrow, Friday, is the first new Battlestar Galactica since I-don't-even-recall-when-now. (Well, since Razor was broadcast, anyway.)

And the Speed Racer toys are available for sale, and the GRX has a part in the movie! Awesome! This gives us a serious likelihood that the most famous line from the anime, "I can't take the speed, Pops!" will appear in the movie.


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