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#993: Watch as Dems Go Nuts.

Air America suspends liberal host over anti-Hillary rant. That's right: Randi Rhodes went on an invective-filled diatribe as part of an apparent "stand-up comedy" routine...against Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro.

The silly woman. If she had confined her nasty remarks to John McCain, she wouldn't be in trouble at all....

Librarian gets canned; her boss adds negative details to her personnel file afterwards. She committed the cardinal sin of reporting that someone was viewing ciddy-prn on a library computer; for this, her boss fired her...and then added some minor negative BS to her last job review to "justify" it.

What the fuck is it with libraries in the US? Since when do public libraries exist to give safe haven to child molestors? I'm pretty sure that's a place we don't want to go, particularly since kids should be encouraged to visit the library regularly.

Yet any time we have a case where a library is going to filter access to pr0n, the freaking American Library Association is right there to sue. Look: kid-oprn is not covered under the First Amendment or "freedom of expression"; the law's pretty clear on that--so why do we, the citizens of the US, continue to allow shit like this?

In some arenas of the Left, child-poen is celebrated, particularly in the context of homosexuality, and there is a movement to legalize the stuff--at least the homo variety--and if you doubt me, read Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues, which treats favorably a situation in which a fourteen year-old girl is date-raped by an adult lesbian. This play is celebrated and performed every year around Valentine's Day. And just remember: the ACLU has no problem defending NAMBLA.

* * *

World needs more carbon dioxide, says a solar scientist. This is awesome. "How can you be right and 2,000 scientists wrong?" Asked one moron in attendance. (Proof that you need not be smart to be in charge of a company, I guess.)

...I'm not going to go into a long explanation of how one scientist can be right and 2,000 can be wrong. Particularly when the 2,000 are climate "scientists".

* * *

Ah, the beauty of nationalized health care. A 76-year-old woman couldn't get dental work done, so she had to extract her teeth herself. Isn't that lovely? And all three of the frontrunners for President this fall are in favor of nationalizing our health care system. *sigh*

* * *

SECURE THE BORDERS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! We could keep assholes like these out of the US if we were allowed just to enforce the freaking immigration laws!

* * *

Can we bring back the Saturn V now?

Problems with Constellation:

1) Violent shaking due to solid rocket boosters causes damage to vehicle during ascent
2) Orion capsule is too heavy for the Ares rocket to boost
3) No one can make a heat shield large enough for the capsule
4) No test facilities capable of handling the Constellation system components

Are these problems solvable? Probably. Once they are, will we get a system with the capabilities of a Saturn V? I seriously doubt it.

Fuel cell-powered airplane flies. Yes, put hydrogen and oxygen into a fuel cell, and you get electricity. Yes, electricity can turn a motor with enough force to enable a propellor to move an airplane fast enough for it to fly. Another great day in the annals of engineering, yay.

Where do you get the hydrogen?

Uh...well, the electrolysis of water--

Where do you get the electricity to electrolyze the water?

Uh...power outlet--

Where does the power come from?

Well, most electricity in the US is generated by burning coal or oil--

Thank you for playing.

Hydrogen is a storage medium; it is not a source. Until you can find a way of making hydrogen which does not involve burning a lot of coal or oil--or until the great day when someone discovers you can drill for pure hydrogen the way you can drill for oil, and actually sets up hydrogen wells--a hydrogen economy will not solve squat.

This "fuel cell" nonsense drives me buggy. It's worse than the ethanol bullshit. Not only do you have to have an entirely new infrastructure for manufacturing and delivering the hydrogen; you need an entirely new way of storing it...and then cars and airplanes must be capable of using the stuff. At least ethanol can be blended with gasoline!

Well, on Mythbusters I saw them run a car on hydrogen by pointing a hose from a cylinder of hydrogen at the car's carbeurator, and apparently it ran just fine without any other fuel. (But that wastes a lot of hydrogen....) As an aside, on that same episode, the geniuses looked for the car's fuel hose by cutting tubing approximately at random until they found the fuel line. Jesus. (Adam? Jamie? I know cars and work pretty cheap. But I'd probably just spend all my time following Carrie around and drooling, so never mind.)

I don't know; how long can you run a car on a 6-foot cylinder of hydrogen? I mean, in real-world driving, assuming a method which lets you meter the hydrogen to the air flowing through the throttle body, how many miles could you go? I doubt you'd get even as far as a tankful of gasoline would take you. The density of gaseous hydrogen, even under 6,000 PSI of pressure, is not that great...and I wouldn't want to be anywhere near an accident involving a 6-foot gas bottle. (Knock the bung off that and you have a rocket.)

I once saw some state of Indiana vehicle which had stickers on it proudly proclaiming that it was fueled with natural gas or propane or some such BS. The funny part was the sticker on the rear bumper: "WARNING: THIS VEHICLE MAKES FREQUENT STOPS". Heh. You don't say?

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