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#994: I know just how he feels.

The last episode of Doctor Who with Lalla Ward and K-9, "Warriors' Gate", features the captain of a slaver ship named Rorvik who is cursed with an incredibly apathetic crew. He has to yell and bluster to get them to do anything, and frequently they do it incorrectly or just ignore his orders.

Rorvik, his ship and crew, and the Doctor, Romana, Adric (boo! hiss!), K-9, and the Tardis, all end up in a strange space between normal space and "exo-space". If you consider normal space--our space--to be in the "+X +Y +Z +T" domain of a four-dimensional space, "exo-space" is in the "-X -Y -Z -T" domain. (Nothing is said about the other 14 possibilities.) They're in a space which is essentially the "0 0 0 0" coordinate.

Near the end of the episode, the space is collapsing because the ship is made out of "dwarf star alloy". The ship carries slaves, members of a "time-senstive" race called Tharils; the degenerate matter covering the ship keeps the Tharils from escaping. Unfortunately it makes for an extremely heavy ship, and the mass of the ship, coupled with the mass of the Tardis, is causing the space to contract.

Desperate to get out of this strange space before the "big crunch", Captain Rorvik is planning to back his ship up to the only obvious portal out of the space and activate the engines, thus--he thinks--blowing the portal open.

Problem is, The Doctor is convinced that this will only accelerate the speed at which the space is collapsing. The portal is designed not to be passable, except by certain people (Tharils, for one) and it's otherwise completely impenetrable.

Trying to stop Rorvik, the Doctor acts to sabotage his ship--but Rorvik catches him in the act and knocks him unconscious.

In a fit of glee, Rorvick laughs, "I'm finally getting something DONE!"

And I know just how he feels.

Today I got the batteries out of the van and the '85 Fiero, and they are both charging even as I write this. I got the Escort started and moved up to the top of the driveway, within range of the MIG welder (if it ever stops drizzling) so I can fix the right rear strut tower. And I called a local machine shop.

The '86 Fiero has sat in my garage, needing all sorts of stuff, since October of 2004. And now, today, I called a local machine shop to find out what they'd charge for a valve job and some minor engine services.

End total would be $450 plus parts to get the heads rebuilt, the engine block cleaned and honed, and to have the old cam bearings removed and new ones installed. (Parts extra, of course. No biggie.)

I'm finally getting something DONE!

All I need to do now is to FIND the cylinder heads and shlep them over there. But since first I have to get vehicles movable in order to have enough room in the garage to walk, I'm going to back-burner the valve job...for now.

I really want to have that engine in one piece by the end of the summer. It's going to take in the neighborhood of $400 worth of parts. I also plan to find out what they'll do to the engine block--he mentioned "jet wash" and I'm not sure what that means--but I'd be all over having a nice clean engine block and that's the best way to handle it. I really want to do it right and have a "known good" engine when I'm done, not a half-assed "maybe it'll last and maybe it won't" engine.

I gave away my shift on Wednesday night to a coworker who really needed the hours with this kind of stuff in mind: getting stuff done. It's hard to do when you work from 10 PM until 6 AM, and you come home feeling ready for embalming, even if you do get weekends off. For some reason, working 3rd shift just takes more out of you than working 1st or even second shift does--and the fact that my job is highly physical does not help matters any.

The last time I did something like this was November, and that week got consumed with fixing the brakes on the van. (And getting my class "C" license for work.) So this week I'm actually getting to do some of my own little projects.

Besides getting the Escort movable, I cleaned a bit of the garage; and now I'm letting the Fiero and van batteries charge. I want to get the van over to a Ford dealership to have its cruise control issue fixed (there's a recall) and make the MGB movable, too.

I still want to wash the Fiero, turn it around, and put a car cover on it.

I want to finish painting the '86 Fiero cradle and reassemble the rear end.

I want to time the MGB's engine properly and see if that fixes it's complete lack of power.

There's all sorts of stuff that needs doing, but much of it I can't do until I can move the van and the '85 Fiero. And it's a cold and drizzly morning, and it's supposed to be that way until afternoon--so I'm going to watch some anime now. See you!

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