atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#998: OMG what a day.

Today I did a lot in the driveway.

Put charged battery into van, started van, moved van.

Put charged battery into '85 Fiero, started Fiero, moved Fiero.

Moved MGB out of garage. Got battery out of MGB and it's now charging.

Clean clean clean clean clean, rearrange, and made a rather large garbage pile.

Now the MGB has room around it where I can walk. I can open the drawers of my tool chest all the way! I hung the flourescent light fixture from the garage door opener brackets and hooked it to the switched light fixture, so it now comes on when the switch by the door is flipped.

Got the worst of the dirt off the Fiero and covered it.

While there's still too much junk behind the MGB, there's an assload less than there was when I started, so I can now move the car out of the garage much more easily. Once I've gotten the battery charged up again I can think about getting it running, setting the timing, and doing a complete disassembly and cleaning on the carb, and try to get it set back to something approximating the "middle" of its settings. Theoretically this'll let me move the car under its own power, which makes it a lot easier for me to do a lot of other things with it--such as get it to someone who can actually set the carb correctly so it has a ghost of a chance of passing emissions....

All of this is very good.

On the minus side, the van blew a power steering hose. *sigh* As bad as that is, it's the hose, not the pump, and theoretically I ought to be able to remove the bad hose and install a new one without having to sacrifice a goat or tear half the front suspension apart. Time will tell.

Still, it wasn't even remotely surprising to me that this happened. Why? Because the new positive terminal went on without a hitch, and because when I put the charged battery in and turned the key, the van started as if it had last been driven just the day before rather than November. I took it over to McDonald's to get lunch; everything was fine until I got about halfway there--then the pump made some groaning noises and the power steering was suddenly super-difficult manual steering. And when I got home, after bolting two quarter-pounders, I filled the pump and checked for leak--and sure enough, there's a nice pinhole leak. Since the power steering system runs at a couple hundred PSI at least, there's a nice little jet of fluid coming from the hose. Well, that's a project for next week, maybe.

Anyway, I just need to do some minor repair work and then I can get the van over to a Ford dealership to take care of the recall.

I started sometime around 8 AM and finished around 2-ish. Then it was right into the shower. It turned out to be quite a nice day, but I was working pretty hard, so I needed a shower--and I used hardly any hot water because I was just steaming when I was finished with the project, so I had a nice cool shower (the first of 2008 for me, I think).

If you saw the garage as it is now, you'd think, "WTF, this is cluttered and full of crap!" But it's a damn sight better than it was at 8 this morning.

And this is just the beginning. Soon I'll get even more crap out of there, and make even more room.

But not today, and not tomorrow. It's enough for now.

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