atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#999: Falling dollar got you down?

Just take a look at this article and you won't feel so bad.

That's right: one US dollar is now worth fifty million Zimbabwe dollars. I should go to a bank and arrange to buy $20 worth of Z$--that would be pretty funny. Of course, by the time I got the Z$, it would probably only be worth $10 or maybe $15 at most--the Z$ is inflating that rapidly--but the huge stack of bills would be fun to play with. Get lousy service at a restaurant? Tip the guy with a Z$50,000,000 bill. Heh.

Speaking of play money, I got one of the new $5 bills yesterday, and--as others have commented--it looks like Monopoly money. (It's the big purple Helvetica "5" in the lower left corner of the reverse side that does that.) Of course we're all used to the old-fashioned (and easily counterfeited) money; and for all of that, US money still isn't the riot of color that European money is. Heck, even the Philippines use more color on their money than we do.

* * *

I'm hard up against the limit of what's been released for Bamboo Blade, with two eps left in the series. Damn it, there should be more!

I've got to wait for eps 25 and 26 to DL before I can go any farther. And then it'll be over. *sob!* *snort!*

I'm dragging in a batch torrent of Spice and Wolf; we'll see what I think of that one.

I'm down to five episodes of Pretty Cure Max Heart, and I think it's just as well, because I'm pretty well getting sick of that show. PCMH suffers from being too formulaic, which is a pity--I find myself tuning out the combat part of the episode and just watch the character development parts. They never, never, ever do a change-up and, for example, have an episode without a fight scene, or have the girls do something else unusual. No; pretty much every episode of PCMH has one of the bad guys show up and demand answers to questions the girls really don't have answers to.

When it gets to the point that the bad guys are only showing up so the show follows the formula, it's time for a change, guys.

Bad guy: "Why is X happening?"
Girls: "Why did you have to come here NOW of all times??"
Bad guy: "If you won't tell me, I'll just have to destroy you!"
...cue the fight scene. *sigh*

They don't say, "We don't know, and there's no way we CAN know!"

I've always thought it would be good to have just one or two episodes of a magical girl show in which the girls don't have to fight the bad guy in the middle. I think that'd be pretty interesting--but as I recall, so far, no one has done that yet. Of course I haven't seen every magical girl show there is, so I might be missing an example, but I've seen a lot of 'em, and none of them has done this, ever, unless it was an end-of-series (denouement) episode.

It also wouldn't be so bad if the fight scenes didn't play out the same way every time. Girls hit and punch and kick bad guy, who easily fends off their blows. Bad guy calls for Zakenna, who possesses some inanimate object and makes a huge weird monster. Girls and Zakenna fight. Girls get thrown around a bit. Girls use their finishing move. Bad guy gets away, Zakenna blows up, bunch of little black stars hop away saying "Sorry! Sorry!"...*yawn* I'm ready for PCMH to be over, and I have my doubts about looking for the subsequent series even though they don't share the same continuity--it's just too much of the Same Old Thing.

It's a shame, too, because I like the series; I really do.

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