atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1000: Four-dight Atomic Fungus!

...and I missed the second anniversary of the blog, too!

Atomic Fungus was two years old on April 3, 2008, and I forgot all about it. But that's okay, because I can now celebrate the 1,000th post and the second anniversary at the same time.


* * *

A friend of mine, in the 1980s--who, like me, had zero interest in drugs or "getting high"--bought a copy of some kind of marajuana cookbook at a big book sale. It was a yearly event and he went on the last day, when you could fill a shopping bag with books and pay some measly amount for it.

This book, bought for a fraction of a penny, he bought as a lark because of the title. It was a list of instructions on how to use marajuana to get high other than by smoking it. It also told what effects one could expect from the various recipies, and how "high" you'd get from each concoction.

One recipie was marajuana tea. It told how to make it--how much herb to how much water, etcetera--and then ended with: "Vomit. Very mild high."

Via Bdunbar I found this, which had this lovely quote:

"Dude, if you drink two whole bottles of magnesium citrate really fast it gets you TOTALLY fucked up. Try it tonight."

Magnesium citrate is a laxative. You will get "fucked up" if you drink two bottles of it in quick succession. One bottle will do it.

You know how I was told to prepare for the lower GI I had in 1998? "Drink this bottle of magnesium citrate." ...and don't get more than about ten feet from a bathroom afterwards, dude, because you're going to shit like a broken fire hydrant until there is nothing left in your digestive tract.

Oh, and: "Very mild high."

I'm really glad I'm not one of those people who is always searching for ways to get "fucked up". I've never had any real interest in drugs or alcohol or their effects on the human central nervous system. I may be missing out on something, but thanks to chronic hypoglycemia I equate "dizzy" with "warning: low fuel" and consider it unpleasant, and I'm stupid enough as it is, without adding to the problem with intoxication.

* * *

Sunday was a gorgeous April day. I spent it sleeping and watching anime with the west window open. The cats (mostly) took turns laying in the window. Everyone was happy.

While cleaning the garage on Saturday, I found three boxes of books and videos which should not have been in the garage at all--they should have been in the basement.

Fortunately the contents are pretty much undamaged. They were off the floor; no mice got in, and they didn't get wet. The books have a bit of a musty smell but that's tolerable. I still have to take inventory of all three boxes, but so far I've found some anime I've been wondering about, and some books I'd thought to read again. I still have to go through the third one.

The second one has mostly RPG stuff in it, including a Babylon 5 game of some kind. I don't remember many details about it; I never played it and bought it only because of the title and the fact that it was dirt cheap. I think it's some kind of wargame, though.

Anyway, I found my set of (dub) Record of Lodoss war OVAs, and I might brave the mediocre-quality dub and watch it again. I only watched it once.

* * *

If you have never read the series, find a copy of Kenji Tsuruta's Spirit of Wonder. (ISBN 1-56971-288-3) That guy can draw. It's a shame there's not more of it.

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