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#1003: How the hell can I oversleep for this??

I went to take a nap, and every time I woke up I thought about getting up but then fell asleep before I could! WTF! I've got anime to watch and a blog post to do, and these are freaking hobbies and WTFF!

No time for a shower! Just start with the linkage!

Are we even sure we can detect gravity waves? I mean, I forget when Dr. Robert Forward invented the mass detector, which can be made sensitive enough to detect a human body at about two meters; why haven't we been able to detect gravity waves yet? With big events happening all the time--gamma ray bursts, etc--shouldn't there also be gravity waves happening all the time?

If you make a super-sensitive machine to detect something and never detect it, does it make sense to make the machine more sensitive? Or is there something wrong with the theory?

This is funnier than it has any right to be: a montage of clips of TV news reporters getting pWN3d in various nasty ways. The comments are also hilarious.

Time to ban possession of hedgehogs! Clearly there is a world-wide crisis of violence involving spiny mammals!

A case study on why Affirmative Action is just another form of racism. Note that I didn't say "reverse racism"? Because it's not. I forget who it was who referred to AA as "the soft racism of diminished expectations", but AA essentially says, "Those ethnic people can't possibly compete with whites, so we'll make it easier for them--and only them--to accomplish things!" AA proceeds from the theory that black people can't do anything as well as whites can, and that, in my book, spells "racism".

Crime is not really any worse than it was in the 1970s. At least the "kidnap, sexually abuse, and kill" variety.

Boortz has a good column today. This particular story is amazing to me: this girl was assaulted and beaten up, and the school's response was essentially to tell her, "Shut up and go back to class." Unspoken subtext: you racist bitch, I suppose.

I am constantly amazed at the level of courage and confidence displayed by people like the aggressors in this case. It took a whole bunch of teenage boys to confront this lone, evil white girl, yet they stood up to her racist oppression-- (Did I lay the sarcasm on thickly enough?)


Bloomberg wants solar panels on NY buildings.

What really gets my goat about this is this quote:
The federal Energy Department’s Solar America Initiative is trying to make solar energy "cost-competitive with other forms of electricity by 2015," the mayor’s office said in a news release.

In Atomic Fungus #737: Laughable!, I dealt with Google's asinine "RE < C" program and explained--in detail--why solar power is never going to be "cost-competitive with other forms of electricity", by 2015 or ever, unless we develop much more efficient methods of extracting energy from sunlight.

Solar power is useful in certain limited applications--almost none of which occur in your typical office building.

Unfortunaely, the nonsense is going to get worse instead of better. As long as we continue to uncritically accept the Al Gore Model of Climate Change ("I use 10x the energy of most people but it's okay because I buy offsets. You, on the other hand, must give up your Hummer, your air conditioner, and gasoline-powered lawn mower to save the planet.") this kind of nonsense is going to persist.

* * *

And now it's almost 11 AM and that anime isn't going to watch itself. (Face it: why would it?) See you later.

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