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#1005: Who knew there were Texans in Africa?

Remember, from the 2000 election, the story about that guy who was dragged behind a pickup truck in Texas? How it was an indicator that George W. Bush was a racist?

They clearly imported some of those Texas racists into Zimbabwe in order to force people to vote for Mugabe. 'Cause everybody knows that only a racist would drag a black man behind a truck, regardless of the reason, right?

Meanwhile, Mugabe's opponent refuses to take part in a runoff election, citing the fact that they won the general election.

Coming up: Civil war in Zimbabwe.

Suck it, spoiled brat! 18-year-old girl moves out of her mother's home because she doesn't like mommy's rules. Girl then--in an amazing display of chutzpah--sues mommy for child support.

I like that: "I don't like your rules! I'm leaving! ...and you owe me money so I can support myself!"

"'The evidence clearly showed that Maria [the girl] left her mother to escape an abusive, unloving and unsupportive environment,' her lawyers said in court papers." "Abusive, unloving and unsupportive" must be shorthand for "when you're in my house you live by my rules". Her mother probably expected the girl to go to college and get a job.

The mayor of Los Angeles wants the Feds to rethink immigration raids.

"In these industries, including most areas of manufacturing, even the most scrupulous and responsible employers have no choice but to rely on workers whose documentation, while facially valid, may raise questions about their lawful presence." Oh, you don't say? Employers have no choice? Guess what, pinhead? There's this little thing called the rule of law which states that everyone has to obey the laws of the land. That means employers, government employees, you, everyone. Illegal immigrants are in violation of the law by being here and people who employ them are in violation of the law by doing so--yet you want the Federal government just to look the other way and instead concentrate on "...
targeting employers who exploit wage and hour laws", thus making it easier and safer for illegals and the people who illegally employ them to break the law! --as long as they obey the 40-hour work week and pay overtime?

I've got a much better idea: The Feds go totally hands-off. Los Angeles can do as it pleases with regards to illegal aliens. But it gets no Federal money. How about that? I think that's a fine idea.

Another vote for global cooling due to solar cycles.

I love it when news articles contain comments from readers. This one sums the entire situation up nicely: "In the information age and the news-saturation that accompanies it, there are few pieces of news that still generate shock through the incomprehensible stupidity of the parties involved." I like that phrase: "incomprehensible stupidity". It has a lot of syllables and is nicely descriptive.

"Which gang will our baby join"--funny how that issue isn't dealt with in West Side Story....

* * *

Bamboo Blade has ended, and if I am any judge at all it seems just possible that another season may be in the offing. I sincerely hope so. Why else would ep 26 end like that? That's a classic "end-of-episode" technique used in anime series like BB; I have never seen it used to end a series, and there is clearly more story to be told.

So, I'll be watching, hoping, and praying for announcements of new BB.

Meanwhile, H2O--Footprints in the Sand was virtually "nice boated". They threw us a couple of bones at the very end, but eps 11 and 12 abruptly deviated from the tone and flow of the series.

I'm two eps from the end of Pretty Cure Max Heart.

Soon I'll be down to three series--Kimikiss--Pure Rouge, Emily of New Moon, and Rental Magic--which means I'll have to pick something else from the list.

Emily of New Moon--the Adventures of Forehead Girl is still moderately entertaining. There was a scene set outside in winter and Emily suddenly looked cute; it took me a moment before I realized why: she was wearing a hat, and the approximate hectare of forehead was partially obscured.

I'm not kidding. That girl has more forehead than I do, and a friend of mine nicknamed me "Il Fronte"--THE FOREHEAD!!!--when we were in high school, before male pattern baldness had had a chance to broaden the expanse of skin to its present depressing extent.

I know that Emily's forehead is supposed to be distinctive--it shows that she's a descendent of the Murray clan--but did they have to make her look like a mutant? Couldn't she wear bangs or something, instead of having her hair pulled back?

Look at that! Her forehead is half her freaking face! I tell you, she's probably going to snap at the end of the series and crush everyone with her amazing mental powers! And the last scene of the series will feature New Moon descending into the ground like the house in Carrie....

The full text of Emily of New Moon. (I'm guessing it doesn't include godlike psionic powers or anything. Dang it.)

The last line of the story is pretty ominous and doesn't seem to preclude a shooting spree or a mad psionic tear across half of Canada, resulting in hundreds of dead and thousands of people left irretrievably insane: "I am going to write a diary, that it may be published when I die."

See? It's like she's planning something, I tell you....

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