atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1007: It's Saturday and it's too cold and wet outside.

So I feel justified in staying indoors and doing nuttin'.

Took Mom shopping around 1-ish, got home, had cooked cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch. You can't beat a toasted havarti cheese sandwich, damn it, unless you've got some thin-sliced ham and maybe a bit of honey mustard to add to the equation.

* * *

This would be good news if Americans were allowed to exploit their domestic oil reserves. Unfortunately we've got an approximate assload of light, sweet crude oil in Alaska that we can't touch because all the eco-nazis get their panties in a wad any time the issue is even mentioned.

Having a big reserve of oil in Montana won't help. The same eco-nazis will get their panties in a wad if we try to exploit that reserve, too.

Meanwhile we're not allowed to build refineries and OPEC is price-gouging. Any wonder gas costs $3.50 per gallon?

According to maritime salvage laws, they ought to get to keep it. I'd want to keep it! I mean, damn! All right, it's been sitting in salt water for God alone knows how long, but wouldn't that thing make an awesome lawn ornament?

This could be good news for Alzheimer's patients and their families. Inject an arthritis drug into someone's spinal column and the Alzheimer's symptoms are mitigated within minutes.

Do you know what this means? It means that Alzheimer's doesn't permanently damage the brain--it just shuts off the brain's ability to remember, kind of like what would happen if you ran a program on your computer that hid the hard drive's file allocation table from the OS.

The arthritis drug is clearly doing something good. If the white coat guys can figure out what and how--and can figure out a better way to deliver the drug to the central nervous system--we might be able to treat Alzheimer's even if it turns out to be incurable. Dayumn!!!!

Even if this drug turns out not to work well in everyone, at least it's a clue as to how and why Alzheimer's does what it does--and that kind of hint is immeasurably valuable when you're trying to crack a tough problem.

Science: it works, bitches.

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