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#1011: Free new livers for everyone!

Yesterday's post number was A in hex, and today's is B, the decimal equivalent of 10 and 11 respectively.

Just wanted to point that out.

Here's an idea: when the light turns yellow, STOP. Don't try to beat it; just STOP for it. That way, however long the yellow is, whether or not there's a camera there, you won't get a ticket for running the red light.

The linked article is clearly "anti-camera", but too many people now treat stop signs--and even stop lights--as optional if no police are present. If I had a dollar for every person I saw make a right turn on red without stopping first, I could buy a new Solstice--and some of those pinheads made those turns in intersections where no turns on red were allowed. "No cop, no stop" has become far too prevalent.

As always, the best defense against getting ticketed for traffic violations is simply to get yourself into the habit of not committing traffic violations. It's not like you have to get out and push-start the car when you come to a complete stop, for crying out loud, and a "California stop" doesn't save you any time.

I saw one goober get his ass pulled over after he made an incomplete stop right in front of a cop. Bad habit to get into, dude.

Nude photos part of teenage dating scene. That's becuase of the rise of digital cameras and the fall of morality in general.

"A chicken in an egg? That’s uncommon." Where does this guy think chickens come from...?

Okay, I'm kidding. In fact, the eggs we eat are usually unfertilized and you can think of them as the menstruation of chickens. (Doesn't that make you feel like having an omelette?) But the way we use chickens to mass-produce eggs, it's not surprising that this is rare, when you think about it. I'd expect a higher chance of this happening with "free range" chickens.

Messing with VIN tags is a serious crime, guys. And I'm surprised that someone selling $200,000 Shelby GT knock-offs would make a mistake like that. The guy probably thought he wouldn't get caught, perhaps.

But no matter how much work you are putting into a car, you're not allowed just to take off the manufacturer's VIN and attach your own. It's illegal because VIN-swapping is a favorite method of thieves to hide the fact that a car is stolen. (Watch the original Gone in 60 Seconds.)

By the way, they say "Eleanor-duplicate maker"--the Shelby GT 500 is not "Eleanor". "Eleanor" is a bright yellow 1973 Mustang Mach 1 fastback. The Nicholas Cage version of Gi60S is a tarted-up remake which omitted the most important part of the original: the stupid-long real-speed chase scene. No computer animation there! All real!

No slanted coverage here. This article about Monsanto in Vanity Fair is a typical leftist eco-nut scare piece about big corporations and genetically-modified crops.

"As recently as 1980, no genetically modified crops were grown in the U.S." That's because the technology didn't exist in 1980, moron. (And, by the way, 1980 was twenty-eight years ago.)

In the case cited throughout the article--a man who runs a general store and doesn't plant any crops is sued by Monsanto for "pirating" GMO seeds--the writer complains that after Monsanto was shown that it was after the wrong guy, the corporation didn't apologize, pay legal fees, or anything. Well, if you want to fix that kind of problem there's a simple way to do it: it's called "loser pays". In other words, if you bring a lawsuit and lose, you're responsible for legal fees, court costs, and so on.

This would also help people targeted by the RIAA for music piracy, by the way.

Finally, on page 3, we get to the kernel of the thing: Monsanto is responsible for dioxin and PCBs!

Pretty much that's where I lose interest in the article: PCBs and dioxin are no longer manufactured or used. Complaining about how contaminated a manufacturing site is, and implying that Monsanto did it on purpose--when the manufacture took place before the toxicity was understood--is disingenuous at best. The stuff was thought to be safe; improvements in scientific knowledge proved that to be incorrect. It doesn't make them evil.

Of course this is the exact same thinking that leads us to "Bush lied, kids died". Bush "lied" because he believed every major intelligence agency in the world when they said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, and told the American people that. Yes: experts said, "He's got them!", Bush acted on the best advice he had available...and it turned out to be wrong, so he "lied to us". Yeah.

Monsanto manufactured a pesticide (dioxin) and a nice mostly-inert fluid useful for cooling transformers and such (PCBs) and marketed them on the theory that they weren't any worse than any other similar materials. PCBs, in particular, had the advantage of being superior to mineral oil for cooling transformers and being non-flammable to boot. Later they found that over time, PCBs could break down, yielding toxic chemicals (which are the real source of PCB toxicity). This is why we once again have transformers that catch fire and burn; PCBs are illegal.

The article ends with a slam at Steven Milloy. I hate to tell them this, but I believe Milloy a lot more than I believe Vanity Fair.

WHo's fault is it when a gas station mistakenly sells gas for $0.35 per gallon? An employee of the station said, "People had been coming in all day stiffing us, not telling us nothing. They knew something was wrong because regular gas was still $3-something a gallon, and when have you ever known premium gas to be lower than regular?" And, "There’s nothing illegal about being immoral, but I just don’t see how people could do that to us."

If you put the wrong price on your merchandise, why is it the peoples' fault for buying it? Shouldn't the long lines and huge demand have made you wonder what was happening just a little sooner than ten hours later?

Most people assume that retailers know what the hell they're doing when they set prices. Most people won't say, "Do you know your price for premium unleaded is only $0.35 per gallon?" because they assume you know what you're doing. A lot of them probably thought it was some kind of promotional deal or something.

"People" didn't do it to you; you did it to yourself. Sorry.

Illegal immigrant is on her fourth liver. What do you do in these cases? It's wrong to turn them away, but it's also not right for Americans to have to keep supporting them. What I do know is that this is wrong:

Late last month Puente learned of another, little-known option for patients with certain healthcare needs. If she notified U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that she was in the country illegally, state health officials might grant her full Medi-Cal coverage. Puente did so, her benefits were restored and she is now awaiting a fourth transplant at UCLA.
In other words, she is getting a fourth liver free of charge because she's an illegal immigrant.

I'm just about to the point of saying that we should stop providing any medical coverage to illegals beyond, "We kept you from dying right now, and you're healthy enough to be returned to your country of origin" regardless of what their ailments are. If an illegal gets hurt or sick after getting here, we patch him up so he can travel and ship him home.

But if they come here already sick, we ship 'em home as-is.

Yeah, it's heartless. Yeah, it's selfish. But I don't recall the section of the US Constitution that says we have to help every single person on the planet who is sick, hurt, or poor just because he manages the mean feat of crossing the border without having his passport stamped.

"Perfect kid" dumps his damaged car in a hotel parking lot and goes home. He turns himself in the next day after warrants for his arrest have been issued, and his father is shaken that the kid is denied bail for a total of 10 charges including hit-and-run and four counts of vehicular homicide. Twenty-nine people saw this kid's car hit a black truck and speed off afterwards. He thought the accident wasn't "that big".

Here's a tip, kid: if there is bent metal, it's "big". If there is more than $500 worth of damage to either vehicle (or to both in aggregate) you can't just go home.

Of course the kid, age 20, had been drinking before he went whipping down the highway at an estimated 112 MPH.

"Perfect kid" my ass. More like "perfect idiot".

Jalopnik's "Workhorse Engine of the Day" column is one I'm going to have to spend some time looking at. Pretty interesting stuff.

Boortz's "Nealz Nuze" today is worth reading, as it usually is. The link is to his commentary with regards to Barak Hussein Obama's apparent belief that a lack of government support makes people bitter enough to turn to liberal anathemas God and guns.

That Barak Hussein Obama sure stuck his foot into it this time, hasn't he?

And watch out if you live in Maine. Watching children could send you to jail. That's right. If one lawmaker gets her way, you can be arrested for being a sexual predator, sent to jail, and have your life ruined...all for looking at clothed children in public.

The case which prompted this involved a man who was watching children enter and exit a bathroom. He wasn't watching the kids in the bathroom, and he wasn't in the bathroom himself. As far as I can tell from the article, he wasn't doing anything strange outside the bathroom, either, other than watching the children go in and come out.

I'm not sure about this. Is this creepy behavior? Yeah, it is...but I fail to see how it's predatory. Boortz says "laws like this moronic "visual sexual aggression of a child" law, are dangerously absurd" and I find it hard to debate that assertion.

* * *

Boy did I watch a lot of anime yesterday. Twenty episodes' worth: five each of Emily of New Moon, Rental Magic, and Kimikiss--Pure Rouge; plus the last episode of Pretty Cure Max Heart, ep 8 of Magical Fairy Persia, and the first three Wolf and Spice, which is pretty good.

Surprisingly, I didn't have a headache when I shut the TV off, and my butt didn't really hurt, either. Still, that was quite the marathon.

The weather being what it was--cold and windy after a wet Saturday--I didn't have any desire to go outside and make with the wrenching. Oh well.

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