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#1012: Hamas backs Barak Hussein Obama for President

Yep. They sure do. A top Hamas political advisor, Ahmed Yousuf, said, "We like Mr. [Barak Hussein] Obama, and we hope that he will win the elections." He also said, "Carter can achieve something no one else can. He is open-minded and has a very noble cause to come and meet with all people." Carter's meeting with Hamas this week would help the terror organization "engage with the world community".

In fact, Careter literally embraced a Hamas official.

Of course the islamofascists love those guys. Barak Hussein Obama has promised to pull troops out of Iraq ASAP, thus losing the war for us, and Carter has never met a dictator he didn't like.

When I say that Eve Ensler's play Vagina Monologues approves of date rape when it's an adult lesbian date-raping a minor, I am not exaggerating.

I know how he feels. When I was in the Philippines, staying at my then-girlfriend's home, my sleep was frequently disturbed by one of her neighbors' roosters. (He was involved in cock fighting.) I kept half-joking about having chicken for dinner.

Look, a rooster is not a pet for a suburban neighborhood. If you live on a farm, it's a whole different story. But roosters are loud and they crow for the same reason that all birds make noise--territorial behavior--and they don't shut up. They don't crow at sunrise and then stop; they crow and crow and crow for hours.

But I wouldn't have shot the bird. I would have caught it and eaten it.

The civl war in Zimbabwe has begun. The comments are interesting, too--the third comment from the bottom says, "It is high time the governments of developed nations stop sitting on the fences and step in to clear up this mess in Zimbabwe. They did it without excuse in Iraq, they should be equally willing to do so in Zimbabwe."

I'm starting to think that a thread should count as being "Godwinned" when someone says that Bush won't do anything about a problem because there's no oil there.

Thomas Sowell comments on Barak Hussein Obama. A worthwhile read.

Another anecdote about the effectiveness of "universal health care". How many anecdotes do we need to collect before they do become "data"? How can a competent doctor miss diagnosing cancer for seven months?

Global warming Climate change leads to record snowfall on Yellowstone. Two bulldozers have broken down. Spokesman Al Nash says, "This is the most significant winter in terms of snowfall in years. It could be the most snowfall we’ve seen in seven to ten years."

Orson Scott Card on Hillary's Bosnian sniper lie. He ends the piece with this paragraph:
(And as for you Republicans who have been crossing over in primaries to vote for Hillary because you think she'll be easier to beat than Obama, stop it right now. It's dishonorable to vote in the other guy's primary in order to screw it up, even if it's legal. And if she's the Democratic nominee, then there's always the chance that she might win, and you will be partly responsible.)
What? The Democrats have done this to us for years. Why is it okay for the Dems to do it but not the GOP?

Epic win: Pie doesn't have tentacles. Awesome.

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