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#1016: What number do I call for spelling?

On my way home this morning I was behind a school bus. In the rear window, in print small enough that you'd need the vision of a fighter pilot to read it from any distance, was a decal with this text on it:
...and a phone number.

My first thought was to call the number and tell them, "You do realize that 'erratic' is spelled with two R's, right?" But my second thought was a bit more mischievous.

Get some self-stick vinyl, cover the "a" in "eratic", and use a marker to draw an "o" in the newly-created blank spot. That way the sticker would read, "TO REPORT EROTIC DRIVING, CALL...."

That would be pretty funny.

Not funny: if you live in Canada, STOP EATING AT MCDONALD'S. Employees no longer have to wash their hands. Even after going to the bathroom. If you value your health, stay away from McDonald's!

* * *

I finished reading Emily of New Moon and I have to say it's a pretty good book. After reformatting and changing the font size it came to 150 single-spaced 8.5x11 pages. MS Word reports that it's about 115,000 words.

The anime gets it mostly right. It severely bungled the handling of the mystery of what happened to Ilse's mother; the way it worked in the book was much better.

Perry shows up about a third of the way through the book.

It's an engaging story and it could easily have been twice as long and still probably wouldn't be long enough.

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