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#1017: The answer is YES, WE WOULD.

Via Neanderpundit I found this lovely example of liberal intellect.

In any event, I don't know what these people are getting so worked up about. Invading, occupying, conquering, and integrating defenseless neighboring countries without any provocation whatsoever* is what communist countries do. (I do realize that the tower of intellect responsible for that sign doesn't know enough history to understand that.)

(*Note to the "thats what bushitler is doing in Iraq" crowd: piss off. You don't know your anus from a donut, and wouldn't care even after someone explained the difference to you using diagrams and small words.)

I like how people get bent out of shape over Tibet but not over the literal millions of people who have been killed by the communist regime in China since 1950. Many of the people in America who are screeching loudest about Tibet probably think that China is pretty much okay except for its treatment of Tibet. That would not surprise me at all.

Another example of incredible stupidity here, this time on Jalopnik: wheels which have LCD displays in them.

Oh, yeah. Put those on your car and make sure you never hit another pothole, because....

On the other hand it would be pretty frickin' sweet to be able to show the Sailor Moon fansubs on your hubcaps. Stupid, but sweet.

And while we're on the subject of stupidity, Jalopnik provides even more of the car-related variety:

Here, with a wrecked Acura NSX. The car was wrecked during a street race against a Honda Civic with a "Tuned by Reese" sticker in the back window. (I am willing to bet that the owner of that Civic has removed the sticker by now.)

The best image is the picture of the steering column, laying on the pavement, its airbag deployed like a forlorn semaphore of defeat: "I may have won the race, but I lost my car."

Paying $90,000 for a sports car does not automatically make you a good driver. Street racing is never a good idea, either.

Another bit of proof that you need not be smart to be rich.

* * *

As for me, I went to bed this morning, and then got up this afternoon and ran some errands--deposit paycheck, go order return hose for van's power steering, gape in mute shock at the price of gas.

$3.70 per gallon

Thanks, eco-nazis. Thanks a shitload.

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